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  1. HAHAHA this is fun... I'm under the wing of über moderators
  2. kako si usluzhan pavke.. ajd ako imash ovo, mail me biatch... ako planirash da dobijesh onih 10 gb keynote-ova shto si mi uvalio da skidam... just standard terrorist talk in native serbian... nothing to read here... move along pussies...
  3. http://www.mac.com/web/en/Blog/5CF39A5E-149F-429C-BD85-826BB69050A5.html can some .Mac user get these and share them?
  4. what a great day this whole boot camp thing made me a happy man... i just need to wait for intel power macs [or macpro towers or something ] and 10.5...
  5. I just wish power mac's offer more drive bays... at least 2, like in old G4 days... processor power is already way ahead of anything I use my computers so I couldn't care less for xyz number of cores and processors... drives in raid and lots of ram... that’s the way to go.... and better displays... but that is a different story....
  6. $149.00 http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...od&mco=2EB77422
  7. is Front Row an instalable app or an OS X feature (like bonus in 10.4.3 or something)... will I be able to use it without new iMac and remote? as for Photo Booth I just don't care...
  8. wtf is going on? why is that f*cker lying to me? I'm so pissed right now... I just can't believe that he would lie to me for stupid $30… I feel like I’m goin’ to implode… or hit my god damn monitor… I’ll just wait for 10 hours or so and then I’ll call him to see if apple sent the god damn box… thanks 4 info Ludge
  9. No, iPod is still with my friend in DC… no empty box ever arrived to him because the addresses mixed up… I’m just waiting (as I was doing for the past 6 months or so)… the question is how long should I wait? they said that it would come Monday 14th Feb… I’ll see if this time they actually do it… What about the 30$ shipping costs? is that true? I’ve read a few times that people got their hardware replaced without having to pay for shipping costs…
  10. My story goes something like this: Around 1 year ago I bought my iPod from apple.com… it was bought from Washington DC and used in Serbia, Belgrade where I live… 6 months later it died… ok not completely, but FireWire doesn’t work anymore… it only charges and there is no way to make any computer recognize my iPod as hard drive… so I am stuck with existing songs on it with no possibility to erase them or add new ones… the only way to get it fixed is to send it via mail to apple and hope… this is where the things get complicated… I sent it to my “friend” in DC and told him the whole story… he
  11. @realitybath ... everything you said... WORD they are erasing all serious complaints... I wouldn't buy an iPod if a saw that problems like this are common...
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