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  1. I am love with classical music based on the fact that it relaxes me during my study sessions I am in school online.
  2. I am liking the new version of finger xp last time I downloaded a earlier version It gave me tons of errors -It is kind of slow but nice work Mantonga
  3. Is this a new version of WinExpose"
  4. Whoa I that is a horrible story that scares me since I am about to buy a Macbook Plz dont do that
  5. Yes I am getting the same thing Help!
  6. Hello I think this is the bomb I been looking for something like this since V animator Is there a newer update than 25th ?
  7. Thank you I will have to do that -I once had two processes running because I did not do that
  8. Thanks do I extract into program files or does it matter? : I have been extracting into a folder of the same name is that fine?
  9. I clicked on the link and I got a 404 error should I extract in program files overriding previous versions
  10. Pretty cool ! Are you going to have MS style themes for leopard ?
  11. I am having the same problem as the poster above with error messages and I had to go to task manager to delete the process Whew. Also I did download the dll and how do I install that and your new version Help please!
  12. Thanks it worked fine what about the other folders sounds tools and fonts ?
  13. I downloaded and extracted zip into the XWindows dock folder and I still have not seen it in my skin list this happened also with me when I had the previous version and it did the same thing What am I doing wrong? Kirk
  14. I am using Digsby now also and I am loving although I wish it did not eat so much of my memory 66mb
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