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  1. I had photoshop CS3 installed though crack. The photoshop have expired. I had to remove it, but through traditional way was not able to, I had no disk. Therefore, I deleted the folder Adobe. I want to now install photoshop CS2 which will not expire 100%, but is cracked. The problem is that I cannot install it. Photoshop CS3 is still in the system. How to remove it I do not know.
  2. I am not not able to update my ipod nano. Everytime I try to open itunes. It says something like unable to find the itunes folder in my Music folder. How can I fix this? I placed the itunes folder back into My Music folder, but still cannot get the itunes to open.
  3. i would like to know how to put text on top of the image in html. I have sliced my website design, but how do you put text now?
  4. too bad. i need to know best hostings
  5. I am making one all ready in photoshop and would like to know how if that fine? Also what pages i need to have in the site? I got portfolio, contact, partners, and home. What else?
  6. I need to find out what free hosting is great for hosting a portfolio.
  7. What you like to use for your site? Where is the best tools for the website are on the net?
  8. I do not like the fact that the sidebar and content are in 2 different boxs. I suggested to have them in 1 box. I also think background colors should be change.
  9. Do you know some great useful one of a kind script? Post here.
  10. So you preety much you need to start over to add a new page?
  11. I registered there and got no activation e-mail.
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