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  1. So, here are my problems. I'm having FlyAkite since v1, but before I didn't have any problems ... * I can't hibernate my PC anymore! That's not nice, when I try it, Window$ freezes in the "switch to hibernate" screen (blue background with the window$ logo). Am I the only one or not? edit: It was BitDefender, free edition. * What about a message "Please close iTunes before installing the Multi Plugin" (or what its name is)? Installer crashes if iTunes is opened. But the rest ... great! Granjow
  2. So, here some new ones - I've taken a new Photo, maybe a little easier: http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallpapers/birke1.jpg http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallpapers/birke2.jpg http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallpapers/birke3.jpg Which of them is the best? And what could else be done? Granjow
  3. Maybe ... put the Window$ CD in the PC and boot from it. There's somewhere something to fix things ... I think. Didn't have to try it till now. When I had problems, it meant copying important things on an external HD (LaCie) and run Window$-Setup again ... PC is also fast again. I copied the things with Linux, btw, but you must have a FAT-Partition somewhere because the NTFS-Driver doesn't yet run very well ... Only captive worked with me, but I didn't try it with bigger files. Granjow
  4. A border around it, so that it looks like a button? Upper border a little lighter, lower boarder dark? Granjow, Switzerland
  5. Tnx. @lostspyder, do you just know some resources for whitespace, colour theory and so? I'm interested in that, but we don't learn much about it in school. I now changed the images in my first post to 640x480 and really jpg, before they were about 3 MB or so Here are new ones: http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp.../waterfall1.jpg - Basic image http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp.../waterfall2.jpg - with scanlines http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp.../waterfall3.jpg - with scanlines, 45° http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp.../waterfall4.jpg - with scanlin
  6. Well, first [email protected] Seems nice here, and it seems as if there were quite a lot designer. And I'm a Swiss, so there ... may be mistakes in my English; I'd like you to correct me. I tried to make a wallpaper, and somehow none of them got really good. I've got a few good photos, so I took them as subject, and here are my first essays - most of them aren't usable: [edit: resolution, images and size changed] http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp...wasserfall1.jpg http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp...wasserfall2.jpg http://livingshadow.uttx.net/uploads/wallp...wasserfall3.jpg ht
  7. And, not to forget: http://www.csszengarden.com/
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