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  1. Any chance of a FFX2.0 theme?
  2. Has the WindowBlinds port been released? Great port by the way kidrocky!! EDIT: My bad. Its in the release! Haha
  3. I'm fairly new to the customizing scene and I've seen so many ultradesk wallpapers that they seem to have disappeared in between the time they were hosted on ultradesks.com and now. In particular the Nude CDs vol. 1,2 and 3. And there are many others too. Does anyone know where I could perhaps have access to an archive of ultraman's work? Would love to grab some of those gorgeous desks! Cheers!
  4. Anyone willing to port some of the avetunes skins released for e.g. http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/8659/whitekeyprv1hv.png (I fixed your link for ya. -NC)
  5. Looking for a particular icon I saw in someone's screenshot. It was a wooden box opened, inside were a line of cigars. Anyone know where I could get this icon? Cheers, Jato
  6. Could you make more? It would be excellent if you did!
  7. Nice desk! Can I ask you where you got that visual style from?
  8. How do I update to the latest build 212 when I've already got a previous version of RC4 installed? All these errors appear when I try to install the latest build about missing folders etc. Likewise if I replace CAD.exe with the new one.
  9. Just a few questions, I've skimmed through the thread really quickly and might have missed a few things. I was just wondering in future releases is there going to be skinned controls to play next song/pause/play/play song before etc. I think it'll be excellent to have this option with the program. Secondly, is there a skin that is similar to the reflective albumart from avetunes? Cheers. Great Program!
  10. Nice Desktop! What Dock skin are you using?
  11. Could I request this wallpaper by Pe8er please?
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