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  1. In my opinion SuSE Is the best and Ubuntu is the worst. What do YOU think is the best and worst?
  2. I was trying to remove Ubuntu so i could put SUSE in instead. So when i install SUSE, the GRUB boot-loader would fix up. And when it said error 15 i couldn't get to windows. So that is another reason why i wanted to remove it.
  3. I try to boot of my hard drive with Grub boot-loader but it always says error 15. So how do i remove the boot-loader? [[update: I did a bit of fiddiling and fixed it.
  4. Is there some way to unprotect/convert iTunes videos so i can burn them to DVDs?
  5. Okay so it won't work. Thanks for the help.
  6. I wanted the IDE/SATA to USB cable because i am going to use it for a Blu-Ray burner too.
  7. Then how do configure AirPort Express for it.
  8. An IDE/SATA To USB Adapter is actually a cable; not an adapter or case.
  9. Is it possible to use the USB port on an AirPort Express to connect an external HDD?
  10. I have purchaced an IDE/SATA To USB Adapter and I am planing of connecting an internal HDD or Blu-Ray burner to it to make it external but i don't know what type to get (SATA or IDE). So what type should I get?
  11. http://www.apple.com/airportextreme/
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