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  1. Thanks, Ghostwalker That's not problem to get domain/web space, I just do not want to do it now.
  2. I already don't like my web site's free hosting but don't want to pay for this now. Or maybe it's possible to disable advertisiment on current one for $5, will see. Please open about IcyRadio window and press "check for updates". There an exe where you can disable snap to screen function (to d'n'd between monitors). But, yes, notifier while on first monitor.
  3. Not so fun as you think but thanks for understanding!
  4. Charley: When will realize marks? Yesterday I very zaebalso to add on one station in playlist lol on "zaebalso". To the point: when I will have desire/free time Then will be good clear type smoothing etc. Husaini HB, CyLLlKA, May I help you? I've a source for this: limbo, You can add any custom radio station in Stations window. Or I've not understood question right? On text extraction: cool app! It's possible to use ICYRadio.log on app folder but there currently only song. Like this: 09.04.09 22:28:37; Steve Tyrell - ISN'T IT ROMANTIC 09.04.09 22:32:02; Tony Bennett - DON'
  5. yorkey, I think it should work. It would be good to fix this nevertheless... devrexster, Thanks for feedback!
  6. Charley, My friend takes interest whether it is possible to do what fonts were represented expressly (pixel in a pixel / dot-to-dot)?, because they are a bit washed out, regardless of size of font Please try this exe: http://ksoft.nm.ru/icyradio0.6.2.4exe.zip Yes, bug. Please use this settings for it's theme.ini: [ru] Да, баг Спасибо за его отлов! Вот полный theme.ini: (потом исправлю в архиве) [About] Author=Konstantin Sobol aka KSoft Comments= [General] shadowoffset = 3 ;shadow or glow of button [Visual] visible=1 x=155 y=52 h=18 w=6 space=1 Color=$FFFFFF [notifier
  7. Yeah, I think this bar looks good too
  8. I'm afraid that it's something in my code, not in other files. There are no changes in themes/dlls/settings since 0.6.2.
  9. CyLLlKA Thank you for new skins! Almost like iPod Only volume slider twitches a bit at mouse hover. [ru]Большое спасибо за новые шкурки! Почти как iPod Только чут-чуть регулятор громкости передергивает при наведении курсора. Charley Oh, good ideas, Thanks! Especially I like checkmarks. Yes, there are trouble with next/prev. buttons. Sign in play list should appears twice if both items have the same url. I'll see if it's a bug. Классные идеи, спасибо! Мне особенно понравилось про галочки. Значки на иконках станций в плейлисте могут появляться если у обоих одинаковый url станции.
  10. Ну хотя бы приблизительно чтобы все понимали и не нарушать правила форума http://www.translate.ru/text_Translation.aspx Approximately at least that all understood and not to break a forum rule Thanks!
  11. Charley, please open Stations window -> click small arrow at right of first toolbar button -> "From XML file..." in popup menu and open old stations.xml Hope this helps CyLLlKA, Thanks! Can you please on English here too? All great, I would only make top of orange skin lighter for better viewing of top items on display.
  12. Hello, Aleksandr! Thanks much for new skins! BlackGlass have some non-standard font (Segoe Print, I mean for XP) but looks great even with standard. Can I include this skins in IcyRadio full archive/distributive? Привет, Александр! Большое Вам спасибо за новые шкурки! BlackGlass использует Segoe Print, которого нет по умолчанию в XP, но все равно очень красиво (он заменяется обычным шрифтом в этом случае). Могу я включить эти темы в архив IcyRadio (полный архив, который я выкладываю при новом релизе, когда не только exe поменялся)?
  13. Thanks much to All for comments and sorry on huge delay on answers! I did not update it application yet. There are some other work/fun. ceiiular, Windows skin would be good but this is not skin in one line I think... (I mean that bar under buttons and address/search edit) Kane3013, Yes, list view is a really good idea. As option. yorkey, Not sure why, I have this bug in some Windowblinds themes only. Or try to use "bg.png" for background(32bit(!), maybe this even in themes folder but renamed to "_bg.png")?
  14. 1Dan, IcyRadio loads albums covers from Amazom. There are not so universal mechanism to make a big choice. This is just an experiment. I can't ,for example, on each song changing (each 3 minutes) to suggest the user to choose cover more precisely [ru]IR грузит обложки с Amazon'а. Там не такой уж универсальный механизм загрузки чтобы сделать выбор между сайтами. Это был просто эксперимент. Если в CAD юзер слушает альбом и может один раз выбрать обложку, то представьте что радио предлагает выбрать обложку на каждую новую песню (а там в основном информация "Исполнитель - Песня")
  15. 1Dan, Thanks for catching this bug! Yeah, this was since I've added a record function. Please reload a new exe on first page or check for update from About window of IcyRadio (the same effect). [ru]Спасибо Вам за поимку жучка! Ни разу не думал что это перезагрузит кнопку при смене темы, но это логично. Перескачайте, пожалуйста, exe с первого поста или испробуйте кнопку обновления в окне "О программе" (тот же эффект).
  16. I only meant that I should find a good service for this. This is just an idea for lyrics view for IcyRadio.
  17. Do you think this should works well with stations? I mean that even art works strange sometimes. But I just found a one not bad service. I've tried 3 random stations (artist and album): http://lyricwiki.org/api.php?artist=Paul%2...aid&fmt=xml http://lyricwiki.org/api.php?artist=James%...ou)&fmt=xml http://lyricwiki.org/api.php?artist=Neil%2...lue&fmt=xml working not bad
  18. bloodmanred, Thanks for your feedback! I've fixed this bug and one more bug with double 'kbps' after bitrate number also. Please try this EXE: http://ksoft.nm.ru/icyradio0.6.2.2.zip Еще раз большое Вам спасибо! Исправил. Thank you very much again! Fixed.
  19. @opendev Thanks for info! I've fixed this bug and replaced EXE in full archive and separately here: http://ksoft.nm.ru/icyradio0.6.2.1.zip
  20. Vhanla, thanks for tip! Before I used BASS_SetConfig before and BASS_SetConfig(BASS_CONFIG_GVOL_STREAM... for mute/unmute. Maybe I mistaken but it seems to me that when I started to write IcyRadio in Vista then there this works right. For all who interested in this fix (volume control separately from system volume): http://ksoft.nm.ru/icyradio0.6.2.1.zip
  21. Thank you, vespalino! That's a really great idea about autoplay.
  22. I've updated IcyRadio a bit. There an AlbumArt feature now, stupid but funny http://www.ksoft.nm.ru/icyradio0.6.2.zip
  23. scissorhands7 Thanks for details on problem! I can't reproduce this situation with captions, unfortunately, it works right on my pc. Are you sure that you use latest exe? It should works right with http://windocks.narod.ru/runme0.9.2.11exe.zip
  24. I'll upload latest beta (v0.6, expires in april, 1). There are function "always on top" for main window in menu. With all latest bugs (known and unknown), as is. And, yes, problem with the sound, too,will not leave us still, unfortunately. Light animation for buttons, groups for stations, custom interface for stations window (there small known bug with line on toolbar...) and some other features http://ksoft.nm.ru/IcyRadio0.6beta.zip
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