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  1. click the preview to download from my site.
  2. Thanx for the hard work, some icons are really impressive, like the desktop one or the plant.
  3. nbn22385 - thanks for using my wallie ___________
  4. Sorry, it's was my post before :-( The walls are great! Thank you, Ultra. Use it on my desk right now.
  5. SWATCH ME TENDER VS: Power Metal 2 (thanks Newave and Co.) Appz: Avedesk, ObjectBar, OBDock Plus, Samurize Wall: by me, based on Swatch Skin ad (my favorite watch ) Icons: by me, to match the desk
  6. It was a personal gift for Ultraman, but I saw too many copies of my wall on the forums, so I release it now in original Mac format 1440 x 900
  7. SWATCH ME VS: Panther Snow Appz: Avedesk, tClock2, OBDock Plus, iTunesControls Wall: by me, based on Swatch Skin ad (my favorite watch )
  8. may be this one? http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/8413734/
  9. VS : W9DProm lClock, iTunes controls Samurize: now playing, shortcuts, weather by Ultraman Wall: DA pic adapted in PS
  10. this icon is from the pack "If I were a thief in 24th century" (Mac version) from www.widgetwidget.com
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