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  1. http://liquival.deviantart.com/art/Katon-91483654
  2. thanks JR007! Does anyone know if the icns has sizes 16 to 512px? and can post the icns version pngs
  3. The iconfactory (iconfactory.com) recently released a quickpix icon to go with the movie The Golden Compass, hitting theaters soon. Could someone please post the pngs of the Alethiometer icon? I mean the png sizes from 16px all the way up to 512px. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have the Apple version of that Tiffany & Co. Bag?
  5. awesome, thanks! does anyone have the remaining 4 icons?
  6. thanks guys! @Austin123: thanks, that's perfect!...do you possibly have it without the remote?
  7. Does anyone have any Frankenstein icons? I remember seeing a green one somewhere, possibly a tv or something.
  8. These icons are a rip of Louie Mantia's External Drives: http://lilredthing.deviantart.com/art/Exte...Drives-68568873
  9. http://henriliriani.com/downloads/ Could someone please post the recently released Zvend icons by Henri Liriani in a zip format instead of dmg?
  10. http://docter-fresh.deviantart.com/art/blu...t-Icon-68269802 I wasn't sure if this was an icon rip or not. The camera part of the icon looked familiar.
  11. 1st icon is untitled: http://pixelimplosion.com/portfolio/tba2.html 3rd icon is nfr : /
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