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  1. go to youtube they have some pretty good sounds and get to see the car at the same time. Bugatti Veyron: 1.6 million dollars - Bugatti Sound: Priceless lol.
  2. Come on where do you guys work, i want in lol. is it drugs you can tell me, its drugs isn't it lol jks. 1080p can't wait till they get them here we have only got 1080i at the moment but thats all my xbox 360 can handle so um dammit lol.
  3. @Psychopulse: nice word icon, nice sceenshot aswell.
  4. Really wtf id send it back cause that shouldnt be happening anymore.
  5. You only get the burn phenomeon in the old displays the new displays have had that issue fixed along time ago.
  6. It looks good but it needs to be more defined and i think i know what it needs, it needs to be glossy like its glass looking right now it looks plain black, but other than that it looks good for first icon.
  7. You gotta realise its easier for deaf peope to know whats going on with Hiro atleast they now whats going but the rest they wouldn't have a clue what the hell was going on. P.S. Sorry if i have offended any deaf people, makes you feel better im an aussie and we invented the bionic ear for you.
  8. hahaha yes ever tried viewing a DVD on a CRT, its not pretty squashes the whole screen down and you can viewing this very small area where the movie plays hence why you need a widescreen TV.
  9. Yes you will find that in some countries tv viewing's aspect ratio will be different to LCD widescreen TV's, thats why countries or should i say televison companys are now optimizing there shows to be viewed on widescreen so they don't appear to be distorted.
  10. dude are you a friggin drug mule or something what do u do for a living. anyway i dont know how u guys get good cars i didnt buy mine i got it for free coughc ough dont ask how lol.
  11. i watch LOST and man im friggin lost in that show lol, i got bored of prison break, house i watch, heroes yeah, who here watchs ugly betty cause i dont lol crap show that is. btw stop cryin peeps cause where i live we are 1 season behind all you. oh and about the subtitles thing on tv i didnt know how to read before watching tv lmao.
  12. lol LCD/Plasma ha scome along way here in australia with HD on lcd and plamsa the big thing CRT is nearly phazed out and still i wish i had a 1080p res tv (FULL HD TV), but i will have it soon and plug my xbox 360 into it oh yeah HD Gaming baby, lol any way sounds like your mate is real skinny thats why i get the pros in cause for an extra 20 bucks nothing goes wrong if they drop cause ur covered.
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