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  1. http://resonating.deviantart.com/art/Killzone-107337177 Happy holidays everyone!
  2. http://resonating.deviantart.com/art/4-AM-99590189
  3. Could definitely use more OME papers lol.
  4. Oh man, thanks. AS users with the quickness!
  5. it's cropped but I asked the person on DA where they found it, no answer lol. So I'm hoping that someone here knows / has this photo in its entirety. Thanks guys!
  6. http://re-9.deviantart.com/art/fuji-80234334 !
  7. It's a program called "Thumbwin." http://www4.point.ne.jp/hiro/ThumbWin/thumbwin.html
  8. ---- anyone else getting automatically re-directed to all that rickrolled crap?
  9. Hey, I'm just curious as to how I'd be able to solve this minor but somewhat annoying problem I'm getting when I use certain skins in WB6 for Vista. I had asked the creator of a particular theme that I like and he had no idea how to fix it, so I'm just hoping that someone here can help lol. (I did try to figure it out via SKS and playing around with the UID, UIS and SSS files within the theme as well but no luck). Or I'm just looking at the wrong settings and sections. The problem is that some of my system tray icons are kind of cut off, as seen in my attachment. The only way I've bee
  10. I've yet to try Rocketdock, but I've been a RKL user for a very long time. I did make the switch to OD+ just recently to test it out and the only thing I did like (something that RKL didn't offer) was tabs and allow me to use bigger indicators. The latter is more of an aesthetic thing lol.
  11. Hey guys, just curious if anyone has a full version of this particular shot? The biggest I've seen is 600*400 through various web searches, but I'm sure I've seen cleaner, bigger shots over the years on dA lol. Thanks everyone!
  12. Oh, I remember coming across this on DA and I was concerned about peoples comments lol. Good work though!
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