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  1. can someone host it anywhere. my place doesn't allow access to DevArt
  2. having a mATX case doesn't mean u have mATX PSU. I think normally it is called mATX case bcoz u need to install a mATX mobo. so, you better check whether u can have standard ATX PSU or not in your case. If you can, then it is a good news. there's a lot of brand for ATX PSU out there. and most important is you can go to the highest watt available like 400w or 500w. for me, I'm stuck with mATX PSU only, 200w is the highest watt I can find. nevermind, it is for htpc uses only and still runs fine
  3. may I know what brand of PS you are using? is it mATX PS? I am also using MicroATX PS, which come with my HTPC case, D.Vine 5 (www.ahanix.com). The brand of PS they gave me is SilenX 200W. My system is AMD Barton 2500+, Abit NF7-S, 512MB DDR, 1xDVD combo, ATI Radeon 9600Pro, 120GB SATA, but I have no problem what so ever until now. It is not the total wattage that matters, it is the continous power and the maximum power each rail can support.
  4. I'm a little slow.. how do we get username for level 2? :shy: password I already know
  5. got your PM too. permission granted. :order: nice :baby:
  6. ok this is screenshot of genie effect using Judge's. Genie Effect Screenshot
  7. oh well I hope MD will use standard way of max/min apps. I'm not going to use alt-tab just to see transition effect. >.<
  8. nice (Y) but sometimes it working and sometimes it is not. restore transition never works. minimize only work when I hit the minimize button. and from mobydock taskbar.. well.. it never work <_
  9. ok ... cool prog. (Y) but, I just want to know, is it possible that the development of this tool will go until it is able to make only titlebar transparent instead of whole window. bcos I find it is quite hungry in resources to blend whole window. Everything will run slow, even moving a window. with only titlebar transparent, I think it should reduce the slowness. :baby:
  10. wow! nice work (Y) didn't expect mraqua will release Itunes clone. you rule man :own:
  11. you cannot replace the bitmap using original msgina.dll. you need to get modded one from Iceman website. I'm sorry if it is not working, I just provide the bitmaps.
  12. i have tried recorded my dock animation, but it slows down my dock when recording. so I decided not to. the smoothness and fluidness of my dock is the only beauty it has (Y)
  13. I can't get it working on my machine, but of course it is working in ur machine. :canadian: maybe you can provide some screenshots to show what the program does :surfer_dude: thanks
  14. so many ppl PMing me asking for this, so now I release it based on original layout by Hekerle Heksa Roman (MacTunes skin) download it here! hope you all like it
  15. yeah dav, can you give us a hint on how you did that? thanks
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