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  1. Well i guess i should just thank myself lucky my iphone has worked without a hiccup since the day i bought it and being the first phone ive actually bothered to pay money for in like 3yrs id have to say im vert pleased with it though it does take a very long time to backup which is kinda annoying when im in a hurry to sync something and the over all quality of some of the apps making there way onto the app store is ridiculous who the hell needs 10 different choices when it comes to turning your phone into a virtual beer???? i thought apple was suppose to be reviewing all these apps befo
  2. hmmm thats interesting that you guys seemed to have had problems with shapeshifter. I installed Leopard straight over the top of Tiger with everything right where i left it had no crashes or problems of any kind right though to this very day. Unless you count my logic board GPU going boom as a software related issue XD
  3. am i the only one thats noticed that the left hand screen the iMac doesn't have a dock while the right hand screen i suppose the Psystar does kick me if I'm wrong but would this just be a duel screen setup using the dvi out on the iMac with the dock just dragged to the other screen?
  4. old news? where the hell was i then living under a rock? i hope to god telstra isnt doesn't get it i just got out and i dont particular wanna go back in
  5. innocencet until proven guilty? besides sounds more like speculation than fact
  6. im not exactly sure what im looking at here? Nvidia drivers for OS X Tiger & Leopard or Windows.... Help? Gosh this shouldn't be so hard Apple writes there own custom drivers and apparently Nvidia backs them in there efforts to do so YET neither mob has a spot on there websites for these so called drivers where you can download them as standalone installers
  7. naturally windows bootcamp side wouldn't bother updating them otherwise
  8. Ok im gonna make this dead simple this search for updated display drivers for my Geforce 8600 GT in my Mac Book Pro is driving me up the wall. Now gods forbids if there ones person out there who knows where on the bluddy apple website i can find the latest drivers for my video card, Anyone, anyone at all? Anyways i have Leopard so therefore have updated my boot camp beta to version 2.0 and installed all the latest drivers it comes with BUT it doesn't solve my display driver problem Cheers Guys
  9. indeed except most web apps are iphone exclusive
  10. Anyone know of some good web apps for the ipod touch? cause most of what apple has in there download section is crap Cheers
  11. excuse the languge but holly shit it works its funny i came here today to check for new posts and i happen to think wouldnt it be nice if someone gave me a link to like a widget program where i just drag and drop pngs or w/e onto it and it converts to a format of my choosing and MPS69 dude you just hit the nail right on the head img2icns is one very useful program Cheers, now you'll have to excuse me while i go wild customizing with desktop with Candy Bar
  12. Sry guys i should have pointed out that im on a MacBook Pro also if it helps i have a copy of Candy Bar
  13. Straight to the point im sick of this icon format crap .ico or .icns (w/e its called neither works) is the mac format for icons is it not? then why is it that most .ico (or .icns) icons never work when you assign then to a application, folder or something i havent thought of. Anyways a simple reason behind this would be nice so if someone could be kind enough to fill me in the secret behind this it would be most apreicated, Cheers
  14. hmm ok im gonna give that a go i need to prep some images first though two things first though, with this code ;http://www.yahoo.com"' target="_blank"> ;http://www.google.com"' target="_blank"> can i add additional links to the already existing code? where do the coordiants for the embedded links spawn from? me or the computer?
  15. well this works and all but i really rather just embedd my links in a 3rd party app like Image Ready, save it then post it and yes i am talking about for forum use but not just forum use and if Image Map Tool that Image ready supplys for me then it shouldnt mater how meany links i cram into a image nor the arrangement Does no one know how to use it?
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