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  1. ^actually it's from richd.com
  2. The newspaper & coffee is from http://www.acrylicapps.com/times/Times
  3. First icon is from the resources for Checkout Last icon is part of the Cats 2 icon set by Susumu
  4. Truck & Sprite Slurpee are NFR Box with magic wand is in private beta I believe, not officially released yet
  5. They look like a mod of these
  6. Looks like a color mod of the trash icon from aqua by d. lanham
  7. Use converticon to turn it into windows icon
  8. That's the icon for Flow Get it off their website http://extendmac.com/flow/
  9. You probably need to mark each part you want blue and each part you want pink, and recolor them separately
  10. ^ If you only want to change the color, hue shift in photoshop is great
  11. no, sorry, but go to the website and download the trial, it should be in there
  12. It's the app icon for Corel Painter X
  13. Well, it's a mac icon, the icon should be inside the dmg
  14. Here: http://www.icondesigner.net/freeware.html
  15. A very good program that extract almost all dmgs on windows, is Transmac It's free for 30 days, so if you extract all icons you want within a month, you should be good
  16. Anyone know who made this, and if it comes in 512²?
  17. Yes, it's for an app called Alligator Uploader Btw, here it is in 512x512
  18. Anyone got a link to clist modern that works with 0.7.3 unicode? The miranda website is down Never mind. Found it here: http://fyr.mirandaim.ru/archive/test_versi...list_modern.rar
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