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  1. The wallpaper is great.. But there is some sort of problem.. not with the wallpaper but with the picture itself. Look clearly: what is batman really looking at?
  2. Hmm.. od you guys have a clue if the price of the MBP will go up or down? Because I already ordered an MBP like 2 weeks ago at my sorta Apple Store, but i still can cancel my order, so i really don't know if I should take it, or wait for the next-gen MBP? ---> BIG BIG DILEMMA I want my MBP now :'(
  3. Well, what I'm thinking so far is that i should take the free Ipod because If I believe that the price of Leopard will be the same as the current Tiger (approx 150$ CAN/ 130$ USD), it would be for more advantaged to get the free ipod nano 4gb (approx 230$ CAN / 200$ USD). I guess i can always upgrade from Tiger to Leopard later when I will have managed to get enough money right? I hope that my supposition for the Leopard price will be true and that my decision is good.
  4. I'm planning on buying a Macbook or MBP soon but there's a decision i have to make: should i buy the laptop before the end of September to get a free Ipod nano (because i'm a college student) or shoud I wait for October to get the Leopard along with the laptop?
  5. Okay, seems like Photoshop is fine on the Macbook, but how about the other Adobe applications such as Illustrator, Flash, Premiere Pro, etc.? And also, will I be able to link it to my TV to watch movies and pictures? I will be purchasing my first mac in 1 month and I'm still reluctant in buying a macbook or a MBP >.<
  6. haha its true that the white one looks alot cooler but dont they get dirty easily? just bringing back my question about using some Adobe applications, will the MBP be very necessary? ou i can stick just the macbook, cuz im a little bit restricted with my budget >.<
  7. Looks so cool, maybe try using the Apple Logo, that would even beat this ad from Apple itself: http://www.macrumors.com/2007/01/01/apple-...elcome-to-2007/ Who knows.. if Apple sees this, maybe they will hire you hahaha or at least, buy it from ya lol
  8. In my opinion, I'd prefer the green color to be.. more green, a stronger green you know? Also, just like Godmic said, use sans-serif font for your titles, some round font. Another suggestion is to put the logo in small caps or something like that. It will look greater You can also add a reflection to it and move the "Does your site have what it takes to be in the top 100?" a bit lower. And at last, maybe give a very light gray hue in the background instead of the white because it somehow look like a "under construction" website On the whole, it already looks great and still have a lot o
  9. i was asking myself if the macbook is good for photoshop and web creation or i do need the MBP for that? im not planning on playing games on it but i would like to use it for college and for some creation projects like web designing and video editing
  10. Just wondering which color of the macbook you guys prefer: the glossy white or the matte black? And also, why? P.S. (Thanks to virstulte for reminding it) The white one is cheaper by approx. 100$ // Normally 150$ cheaper but we have to upgrade the hard drive to the same one as the black's one =D
  11. Can i know what is the font used to write "Moonset" in the preview? i like it so much, and can i just know how you made that effect on it?
  12. Thank you so much! Everything is back to normal!
  13. Yep, it's the overlay bug, I disabled it in VLC and WInamp.. and it works! But i can't figure out how to fix it in WMP, there isn't any option of overlaying. Thank Ali C. a lot
  14. I'm for these icons. For the first one, does it exist one without the flower in the screen? Thanks
  15. I need help with my media applications. Since I don't know when, everytime I want to watch a video, it doesn't show up. I get the sound, but no picture, the screen stays black. The problem happens with every programs I use (WInamp, WMP, VNC, Real and Quicktime). Sometimes, it works with DivX, but not always. Can anyone help me with this? I really want to now what it's all about and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  16. I want teh wallpaper! Anyone got the link?
  17. Hey, I would like to know which sotwares you are using to make these kinds of wallpaper because it looks so nice and i would like to make some myself too. Thanks
  18. Hey, I would like to know which sotwares you are using to make these kinds of wallpaper because it looks so nice and i would like to make some myself too. Thanks
  19. Omg I just passed today, and it was kinda crazy All your arguments really helped me with it, i'm just hoping having a good mark And thank you all again!! I think we should let this discussion continue because i think it does concerns us all.
  20. But nothing is free on this planet, except the air but the air is kinda unpure so it doesn't count anymore Let's see all your essentials/necessities: You must eat, you have to pay for your food. You need shelter, you have to pay for a house either you rent it or buy it. You need to get clothed, you must buy these clothes So we can't say that Internet is a luxury because we have to pay for it. In 2007, for me, luxury means something that makes you feel successful in life, such as a house or a car or eating in a chic restaurant. But having an Internet connections doesn't make you feel successf
  21. I get what you guys want to say and i approve these arguments But.. What about all the African kids who live in poverty, they still can live without Internet, i even doubt that they are aware of the existence of computer and Internet (I mean no offense here, i'm not being racist) but what i mean is that, for us, living in rich country, we can afford what we need but for the guys in Africa, they absolutely don't need Internet and they still can live happily. How about the civilizations that went through the millenniums, they didn't have Internet at their disposition and they still owned the
  22. Hi I would like to know your opinion on a topic that i have to debate for school: Topic: Internet is an object of luxury that we can do without My position: Opposition (means that Internet is really important/essential in our life) What do you think about it and if you've got some arguments for my position, that will be greatly appreciated because it is kinda hard to find some for my position ^^ EDIT: Yay I finally passed the debate ! Thank you all for your help ! I think we should let this discussion continue since it does concern us all
  23. Beautifull !! Like it so much !!
  24. Magnificent.. I really want to know how you guys make such beautiful wallpapers, I wanna learn
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