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  1. I think it looks ok? Any comments on what else I should change.
  2. Well. I can't get the ical skin for rainlendar to work for the life of me. Any other good programs and or apps to emulate the look of ical? Also, I found a picasa skin, but it's only for 1.6 and I haven't been able to track down anything under 2.0 so if someone would maybe post a link that would be great.
  3. Same here. Just create a new profile. And point the user settings to mydocuments instead of firefox folder. I think it has to do with automatic updates. Just turn them off in user options to prevent it from happening again.
  4. Really Nice. I'm useing it on my laptop right now. Do you know how your bar compares in memory usage compared to object bar?
  5. I really enjoy winexpose, thanks for all the time and dedication you've put into.
  6. Well this is strange I reinstalled the nightly and now everything seems to be in order. Windows minimize correctly. Thanks for the help though.
  7. I'v read through the first couple of pages but haven't found an answer. Is it possible to display the icon on the right of the clock? Or make a hot spot in the right corner? To make it more realistic?
  8. Yes. And to expand on the problem. Some applications are minimizing. It seems like photoshop, alcohol 120, and a few other applications will minimize. But flock, and firefox won't minimize.... Also one other question, is it possible to show both a mimized window on the dock and startbar at the same time? That would be great.
  9. Well I installed rklauncher on my laptop but nothing minimizes to the bar. Only the items that were already installed. Such as internet explorer quicktime, address book, paint, and recycle bin. It's a dual core amd tl-50, a gig of ram and ati video card. I have winexpose, and the finder bar running. But even with those closed nothing minimizes? Am I do something wrong? I've used rklauncher on all of my computers but this is the first problem I've ever had. Thanks as always, Brian.
  10. Sorry I guess I phrased that wrong. I want to make the search bar etc. look like mac without installing two applications to do it. With finderxer you need both it and styler to emulate the mac look. Is there a finder program that run on it's own? Like a separate explorer program. I've tried looca but it is terrible.
  11. I'm using finderxer is there anything that can replace the default explorer bar at the top (search, thumbnail options etc.) without installing another app like styler? I searched the forums but nothing came up. Any help would be great..
  12. Is this the same thing as winexpose?
  13. It looks sweet, when will we be able to try it?
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