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  1. Just downloaded and tried, and man that's great!! Didnt try the other expose clones ever before as they were comercial and didnt even look very encouraging but this is it! Well I don't know yet if it makes problems with full-screen applications like games videos etc., think it should deactivate by default though it would be quite usefull on videoapplications. Maybe an "include" list for that matter. As I dont use two Monitors anymore, my last wish was to never give it an installer. Keep it as unzip-and-go, love that way :] EDIT: Ah, need to attach something: Would be nice if you could cancel t
  2. What have you used to get the Rest of the Explorer look like it does in your Previews?
  3. Hi, Well I always spent much time designing my icons for the Dock, now I'm using Mac Switch and naturally want to use the icons from the dock. This works fine as long as i use my own icons. But there are some applications like iTunes and Skype, that brought a perfectly clear min. 128x128px sized icon with themself that appeared immediatly when i added the apps to the dock. I want to use these Icons for Mac Switch too, but I don't know how to extract them. I found some applications for extracting Icons from .exe's but though i see in RK launcher that there must be a bigger icon, all these pro
  4. Hi, I don't know very much about programming and I suppose the following to be a task of about 5 minutes for those who know what they're doing: Could anyone write a docklet that quits the RK-Launcher-bar it's in? I want to add a shortcut to a secondary RKL-Dock to my main one. But closing the secondary dock by rightclicking -> exit, when i don't need it anymore is not really difficult, but a close-button on the dock would be nicer. Thx for any help.
  5. That helped Thx to both of you for your help
  6. Well, since I installed some windows updates 2 days ago I got windows-icons again. The cursor, boot-screen and so on is fine, still maclike. I'm quite but not totaly sure it got to do with the updates. Tried twice to "rebuild icon cache" but that didnt help. I suppose it could be solved by reinstalling the icons but which is the component to install? The dlls or Skins -> Tiger Visual Style? Thx for help
  7. Well I'm very new to Avedesk and after i had installed single Widgets I saw that there is a kind of Main-Widget called AveScript that is used as Base for other widgets like weather calculator calendar and so on. I read a thread that told me to install the main Avescript Widget First and then the Others and did so but my Problem remains: I don't see how to configure those widgets. The standard-widgets for example are configureable in a additional register next to the standard-settings-register for Position, Label and so on. But the only additional Register to all these AveScript-Widgets is AveS
  8. Well hi... I read the 2 first pages and I'm sure my problem was mentioned before. I'm using version 1.1: 1. I can't use the popup-bar search. If I enter a word (used short and long words as well) and press Enter I hear that short Windows-Error Sound but the application doesn't seem to do anything. 2. I can't Enter the Main-Search-Window on any other way than manually executing "SearchSpyResults.exe" from it's folder. If i rightclick on the tray-icon I get "SearchSpy" - "Get results based on: " - "Preferences" - "Quit" but "SearchSpy" Is grey and unclickable When i had the old version and
  9. Hi! Im using Flyakite OS X 3 I installed it logged in on my "administration"-account (Custom not the windows-standard!) and using it for all my accounts but my standard-account doesn't have complete Windows-rights as a little Protection while gaming and surfing in the internet. Well everything is running well except that Searchspy isn't auto-starting on my standard account. If i enable it in "Current Users Settings" and click on apply the mark is gone the next time i enter the Settings. I even gave full access to the standard-account and tried to change it as well in the flyakite user settings
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