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  1. Here you go Bro .. *Click* What you need is inside the zip.
  2. look in his gallery..he has uploaded the textures used in it
  3. nice setup Bob .. and Fender
  4. Mac Intosh : How is it that your about this mac is shown like quicklook ?
  5. Very nice! Looking forward for the colors
  6. http://help.deviantart.com/113/
  7. @karma.police Whats that Metacity and Firefox theme?
  8. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/42170769/
  9. *interesting Admin/Mod chit-chat after thread closing*
  10. ha! already gave myself a 10 day suspension ..... but i evaded it
  11. yeah hes gotta rectangular shaped nose with rounded corners and a mouth thats half a circle .. it isnt that noticable
  12. //VLC Icon Temporarily Removed. Can anyone confirm that it's payware? -NC
  13. http://www.socksoff.co.uk/ Click around.
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