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  1. Yoodle

    AveDesk Dock

    Apart from RK Launcher, what is your opinion on ObjectDock and other such dock applications?
  2. Yoodle

    AveDesk Dock

    Is It possible to have a dock that works with avedesk that looks like the one below? Thanks, Yoodle
  3. Hi dobee, Thanks for your reply, by the way this visual style is amazing, has to be my favourite to date and I am sure others would agree. Just out of intrest have you had alot of positive comments about the visual style? Anyway if you do decide to update it, would it be possible to fix this slightly smaller bug as well? I am not trying to sound cheekey as I know you develop and distribute your visual styles for free, but I thought I would point it out: Thanks alot, Yoodle
  4. Is it to do with the way in which the buttons are arranged within the bitmap image?
  5. Would it possible to tell me how I would go about editing it, in order to fix the bug? Pretty please...
  6. I am almost positive someone must of come across the same problem.
  7. Hi all, I have a problem and was wondering if someone could help me, I will get striaght to the point: Here is exactly what I want to do, I dont know if your guys can help me out but I would appreciate any feedback. First of all I am trying to change te way the titlebar buttons act in this visual style (GelXP 2.2): http://screenwizard.net/screen/108565.zip The problem is each time the button is highlighted (the cursor is hovered over them) the become brighter, when the cursor is then removed the button/s do not return to there original state thus becoming brighter and brighter eac
  8. Thanks, thats great but is there any apps with more progress bar styles out there?
  9. Does anyone know any alternatives to ProgressBarXP? If you guys dont know what I am talking about, it can be found here: http://www.teebo.com/progressbar-xp.htm Thanks, Yoodle P.S Please dont say WindowBlinds as I use msstyles.
  10. Yoodle

    AveDesk CMD

    Hey, Do any of you guys know of there is a CMD prompt desklet for avedesk? Thanks, Yoodle
  11. Again, can anyone fix this theme?
  12. Ok I'm sorry for the original link, this theme is really hard to find seems it is not being released anymore, but I have found another location here: http://screenwizard.net/screen/108565.zip This does not contain any spyware, ad-ware, virus's etc. Now back to the topic, can anyone "fix" this theme? EDIT: Didnt see alternative link at top, oh well it allways a back-up link.
  13. I have a request that has been bugging me for ages. This theme goes really well on my system: http://www.themexp.org/preview.php?mid=119...e=GelXP+v22.zip Not going to remove this link, but people be warned--contains adware. Here's a safer link: http://www.winmodify.net/files.php?info=Do...on=Visualstyles. -NC But it has a couple of bugs that are really annoying (unfortantley the developer does no longer update this theme): 1. When the mouse is hovered over the taskband buttons the buttons get continuley brighter and do not return to there orignal state. 2. There is a contrast issue with
  14. I am afraid I have tried that, thats what lead me to post here...
  15. I was browsing browsing through some avedesk stuff, when I came across this awsome port: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24574705/ Could someone please explain how I would go about installing this and setting it up? Thanks, Yoodle
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