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  1. Sorry no preview have no idea how. HTML never sinks in for some reason :confused: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40051265/
  2. It's pretty big i used to have a 15mb jpeg. I tell you windows picture viewer did not like it one bit. It doesn't really matter that Pluto isn't a planet anymore as they found another one even further away that Pluto, or could it be a dwarf planet or a solar object!!! All credit goes to the sky at night.
  3. yeah I never turn it off i just leave it till it crashes or something really strange happens which is quite a lot with XP. Seen as though using samurize's uptime wont work for me could i use one of the performance counters instead. If I can which one?
  4. Hey I'm trying to use this program again but still having problems. When I add an uptime meter it says my system has been on for 49d 17h 2m 47s and doesnt change. i would like that to be true imagine how fast emule would be going!!! I know it will be easy to fix as it seems quite an easy probram to use. Hope someone can help. Sm: )er P.S what if anything can you use if MBM doesnt support your board?
  5. I want some simple text displays simular to the vertical calender that about but i cant find anywhere which will tell me which meters to use. (i think thats what im wanting :confused: ) well heres a pic a made. I know its not straight but what the hell. p.s is there a guide out there that tells you about all the stuff in the drop down menus or just the whole program. that would be a huge help not just for me but for others too. It could even be the next sticky imagine that. I hope you can help me
  6. hey well done with this it loos great. i would love to use it but it takes about a week for it to spin round to get to the options. anyway you can turn this off??? if not ill just wait for the new avedesk then ill be all over this beast. watchin you on devArt now so ill be able to keep up to date on your work. Cheers Sm: )er
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