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  1. Hi everyone once again, Just another quick question. I am using Objectbar with a tiger theme, and when trying to use launch, the menu sprawls to the bottom of the screen, but doens't give an option to keep expanding. So, i only see the programs once available under "All Program" down to the O's, and it stops. So i'm missing half of my shortcuts. Anyone have an idea?
  2. Hi everyone, I (like everyone else) love flyakiteOSX 3, and i really want to use it except for one problem. I'm a Computer Engineering Computer Science Student, and i have to write programs. I noticed that when i compile a program, the command window quickly refreshed the window so what i compiled only shows for about half a second and then the words "Welcome to Darwin" appear. This, of course, goes away when i uninstall, so can anyone tell me how to fix this issue?
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