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  1. very nice black visual tanks a lot
  2. :naughty: nice update, buddy nice nice nice!!! thanks :woot:
  3. damn man you are crazy!! so original thanks alot so you think different :woot:
  4. thank you very much guys that waht i needed to know
  5. umm just want to know guys if there is any diferences betwen the standard networking cable and the others "no standard". i would like to know if there is any diferences in performance. for example the standard cable in stores is the type 5 and there is another type 6 wich promises better performance. any opinion, advice are welcome thanks in advance
  6. thnaks alot buddy keep up the good work :rock:
  7. :woot: lovely visual style thanks three drives
  8. thaks so much buddy this set is completely awesome and different and i really like to dress the pc whit just one tone thanks a lot!!! :rock: :woot:
  9. it been a while since the last theme i have donload, and this is just so nice, so clean thanks a lot man (Y)
  10. lovely walls , thanks alot man!!
  11. (Y) nice work, i like some walls a little different, to break the routine thanks
  12. Post Edited. Don't post piracy advice. ------------- Stevie BM
  13. critical updates are very important and necesary, the first thing after a clean windows install, drivers and an antivirus software are the windows patches. i uses the internet a lot, and when you do not have the updates for ie, the damn explorter get hijacked, and there is alot of malicious websites, arround that mess up your pc. the thing is i hope tha nthe next windows vesion come whit all those sevurity issues solved
  14. just waht i want a purplish vs i love purple, the color of spirituality
  15. (Y) g5 double procesor 2gigs the fastest computer ever!!
  16. keep it up alredy registered thanks!!! (Y)
  17. happy birthaday and merry christmas partner (Y)
  18. (Y) happy birthday seph!!!!!! have a good one buddy :coke-party: i also wish you beside happy birthday a merry chistmas and happy new year.kepp up the good work !!!! (Y) :bow:
  19. i like i tunes, i love the interface design, the radio stations and the visualations, and most of all the way we can organize music in its library but still the quality of sound isn't so nice as musiocmatch does. i tunes sound like if it needs more amplification power. well anything to coment about guys
  20. posted by adark Posted: Oct 18 2003, 08:32 AM i have mor than ayear using microsoft intellitype pro and intellymause. when you install it the software and the drivers, sometime it do not instasll properly...and some anoying bugs appears, one of the is when you clik something in the screen and the cursor falll far away from the surface where you click. to solve those bugs yo need to go to control panel, check your keyboard or mouse, properties, update driver, adn select install it automatic, do it many times as needed, you have to reboot each time. if you unistall the software, and re
  21. well it could be that the msn is trying to conet to any other computer. or sombody is trying to conect to the msn. i have norton internet security and i monitor all the internet traffic of my programs and sometimes for some reason it says a remote system is trying to conec to msn even the msn is closed. this is weird cause it is not supposed to conect unles you are on line. i block when it says that adn the msn works normal. try to reinstall the msn, maybe it could help and go to tools option and disable the option that says allow this program to run in the background. i do it and it works fin
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