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  1. DO NOT UPDATE TO FIRMWARE 3.1.3 IF YOU ARE JAILBROKEN! It is not safe yet to do so if you want to remained jailbroken and unlocked. This advice comes straight from the DevTeam via Twitter. If your silly enough to upgrade, I've got bad news...you can no longer restore to 3.1.2 unless you have your SHSH on file in cydia. There may or may not be a jailbreak for 3.1.3 - the dev team will most likely wait until the major release coming for iPad and iPhone 4.0. GO TO CYDIA NOW and get your keys signed on the front page if you have not. That way you'll always at least be able to restore to 3.1
  2. Beautiful screenshots. Keep it comin'
  3. Google is the best thing that ever happened to my Firefox <3
  4. its been a while since i posted a screenshot. here's an updated one.
  5. Ahhh I still remember you! How you been? And thanks for the help
  6. I did a search and found a few iPhone request threads but they are a few month old. But I was wondering if we can (please TIMAN BRUTHA) have an iPhone screenshot thread. I know they have one over at MacThemes forum and just yesterday they closed their registration. Maybe if we open one up then a lot of users might make an account here and post Please please please...
  7. It got on my university campus and they made a big deal about it.
  8. Damn. It's been years since I last made a topic or posted something here. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who used iWeb '08/'09 before... is it possible to add more web templates? I know they give you a lot but is it possible to add more of my own? Plus how do I publish it to my FTP? I don't have a mobileme account. Thanks.
  9. kinda gave up on posting screenshots but here's one
  10. No PS here so no preview. direct link -> http://parvezz.deviantart.com/art/2009-first-109375186 and i'm too lazy.
  11. you lazy bish it's on my da comment but here http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/de...ible_dream.html
  12. Chill guys.. I was only kidding.
  13. Do people really find modding Windows entertaining? That sh1t is so boring nowadays. I'm glad I moved to a Mac.
  14. I don't think anyone is going to India anytime soon. Best option would be to call up your relatives who live here and ask them to ship it away to India. Best of luck!
  15. Maybe you should make me a MOD so I can create the monthly screenshot threads Since gnome and wizard are too lazy it's time for Aqua-Soft to meet their favorite McLovin MOD
  16. When I read the thread title, I was hoping to post my 2G iPhone 1.1.4 jailbreak screenshots with all the apps I use
  17. Could be that you are turning old.. oh wait this forum is full of teens like me. nvm
  18. Goddamn Kristin Bell is effen hot. ^^ Lovely wallpaper
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