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  1. gents.. its part of most (or all?) of Bzeitler's themes.. such as bz aqua extreme, bz black tiger milk, bz guipod etc.. just search around. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/search.php?searchid=1553736 thats a search for bzeitler.. his themes will no doubt pop up. -pin.
  2. cheers mate.. ill use these while i keep looking anyone else?
  3. Hey all, just got a Pentax k100D for my 18th yesterday :D and wondering if anyone has/knows of/would make(!)/can link me to the icons for the two applications that come on the CD: -Pentax PHOTO Browser -Pentax PHOTO Laboratory. atm im not using these 2 apps but i just might if the icons were nicer cheers piniata.
  4. put this as the Link: ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} took me a while too. -pin.
  5. werd gents just asking here first before i register & go through all of that on a code site.. so// if anyone uses VS2005 (i suppose its the same with .NET), why do images (made into thumbnails at runtime) loaded from a directory come up really slowly? i get this using the listview with loading images in the imagelist, and also with custom controls for thumbnails.. does anyone know some way to make it reasonable? cheers -pini.
  6. the link doesn't work but: 1) use the search button 2) ill be nice and help anyway: SEARCH for Styler and findexer
  7. *what he said* aand, while he's gone can anyone answer for me whether there's some way to make this per-user ie. i can have it loading by default in one profile, while not at all in another? cheers.
  8. kinda sorta unrelated.. but i got VS2005 last year as a student edition for free off the microsoft site, not sure if you can still dl it but it was only about 30-40 megs.. check it out its got SO many more features..
  9. i use vb 2005 but im sure you could do it on 5.0; get your google on.. a simple search like irregular window shapes should suffice... -pini.
  10. ive had the same problem.. without a solution. i.e. add some desklets, run showcase & some have disappeared and changing their display style didn't help it either..
  11. it could be done if someone knew how to manipulate messageboxes, right?
  12. and i imagine that you can move the window around while the box is active.. instead of having to close the box before you move the main window out of the way! and, wasn't there something called Snarl or something similar that could manipulate programs' messageboxes.. maybe something could be made on that basis (if it even exists(?))
  13. recon it could be made by some hero?
  14. been looking around and couldn't find anything so... has anyone developed an app that emulates the way that messageboxes 'flip out' (can't think of a better way to describe it) from their titlebars on OSX? cheers -pini.
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