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  1. It's Tenuis, it's an iPhone icon-theme
  2. My new Eee PC: Just click at the thumbnails
  3. Firefox, Thunderbird, RKLauncher, foobar2K, Miranda, Wallpaper by ve1n
  4. I'm curious... why didn't anyone ask me for another download-option, since I'm a member here? EDIT: added deviantart link, see first post
  5. I'm not using any fancy Miranda-skin, it's plain clist_nicer_plus using Windows' UI and a simple red gradient at the groups. That's all...
  6. My current win-desktop, I tried to keep it as usable as possible: VS: Luna Element 5 by em3 Wall: intelmac.X86 by evenflow Icons: BIZZ by Iiro & a lot of other icons Winamp: Wobachi by blueslaad
  7. Almost no changes since october: Still using Graphite Suite. Click at the thumbnails for full view.
  8. It doesn't matter where you put the template. I'd suggest the IEView folder
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