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  1. Can someone reup this file? The devart link is down
  2. So I've searched through aqua-soft but unable to find the icon i was looking for. The icon I am looking for is the pipe with water leaking out icon from http://www.deviantart.com/view/35714465/, which was a link from this thread on aquasoft Unfortunately, all the links given in that thread were of a different pipe icon
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for the icon below (it doesn't have to be reflective, in fact it might be better non reflective) Thanks a lot!
  4. Those walls are great, but it's not what the thread starter is looking for. He's looking for Widescreen walls....
  5. Spare you the trouble : p Yes it can be found on hollywoodgui, by blaugrana-tez //Icons Removed. Please contact the artist and ask whether it's okay for you to post the icon here. -NC
  6. That is absolutely beautiful, Thanks so much
  7. The only icons that aren't found yet are the last 3 The iChat and the ketchup icons are awesome >
  8. Thank you all for the wonderful help, just 3 more to go
  9. I am looking for the icons in the picture, and thanks sirsmiley, keep it going
  10. Does anyone have the following icons I know this request is a bit big, but thanks in advance!
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