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  1. Ok it's working now... strange, I just did the exact same thing that didn't work 3 tries ago but it suddenly works now hahahaa.
  2. Nope, it's just the topmost (Aqua-Soft v4) Whenever I do the process of adding substyles (just like the older versions) it never shows up as a substyle, but it IS applied. I'm going to try reinstalling the skin from scratch, but before I do that, do you have any other ideas what I could check (permission wise, etc. etc.) to make sure it imports properly?
  3. Is it just me, or whenever I apply a substyle, it doesn't get listed as a substyle. It just intergrates with the parent style for some reason (even if I set it to be a child of v4)
  4. Hi Timan, Unfortunately, that code snippet you used simply reverted it back to the Aqua toolbar, but remember the goal was to apply a borderles UNIFIED theme overall. Also notice that while the toolbar is unified (though messed up) the rest of the "bgs" are still Aqua... this is because there isn't any instance of that image path on the borderless CSS. The short of it is that simply changing the image filenames on the CSS references (adding unified_ to wherever possible) doesn't work because it ends up looking like the screenshot. You're welcome to try it yourself to replicate the problem,
  5. Hi Timan, thanks, but one problem though. It seems that the HTML of the "borderless" theme has different code from the unified theme. I guess I didn't clarify my question. For uniformity's sake, AFAIK, there are TWO layout styles: Aqua and Unified. Then the blue or graphite versions are subsets of them. So we've got FOUR variations (aqua blue/default; aqua graphite; unified blue/default; unified graphite) Then FIFTH "borderless" version uses the aqua code base. Going back to my post, what I did was I tried applying the borderless as a child to the Aqua Graphite substyle instead of
  6. Will there ever be a borderless version that would use the unified sub-themes as a base. I experimented a bit (or not sure if it's supposed to be done that way to begin with): Normally since the borderless style is a subset of the main style, it would obviuosly take on the colors/icons of the default aqua interface (blue) and not graphite. I went ahead and imported the style as a SUBSET of the subset styles (e.g. subset of graphite) and it seems to work without any problems. I tried it on the unified themes but that's where it seems to be broken, it applies the borderless layout, but doesn
  7. Hi, I live in the Philippines (hence no paypal) and I became a "donator" way back via a friend's paypal account. Is there anything I should procure to prove this so I can get access to the skin distribution section? The last version I have of the skin was the 3.5.3, and my friend mentioned that he never recieved any "updated" skins via email.
  8. Just upgraded to 3.5.4, of course there were the token warnings about the templates that MIGHT need to be reverted. Has anyone audited the new .4 templates to see if in fact the AS2 templates could be broken in any way on the new version?
  9. Another problem: I adjusted the "code/php/html" boxes in the "All style options" which work just fine and reflect the changes on new posts. But when i "rebuild post caches" they revert back to the "bigger" (default?) box sizes... which is wierd since I already changed the default size as mentioned above. Editing and re-saving the posts will bring the code boxes back to what I set. Very strange behaviour indeed.
  10. Here's the screenshot, I've already "fixed" it at this point. But the original was that the moderator breadcrumb was INLINE with the pagenav. What I did was just put it out of the whole Cheers Also, for some reason, changing the post icons after the they're set seem to not reflect immediately... short of having to rebuild post caches, is there any other way to hack around that so they immediately show the changes? Or is this a vBulletin issue already and can't be addressed by the brilliant minds here?
  11. Great skin, thought, I'd just report a bug though, got the skin after donating a few days ago. This applies to moderators with that extra breadcrumb at the bottom (not the inline mod beside the display views) On the post view (as in like what you're viewing now) the moderator breadcrumb is INLINE with the new reply, previous/next, and pagenav. So for those posts with long titles (or boards with small widths) the whole row tends to "squish" not in a good way ;( Looking at the thread view, the moderator breadcrumb seems to be in a new row (as it should be). I'm guessing the postview just slip
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