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  1. Here is my current desktop, simple but sweet.
  2. Hi guys, sorry for taking so long to respond. I thought you all would be smart enough to figure your problems out by yourselves...but, I guess not. Anyway, all you have to do is update your computer. Just install all of the optional updates from Microsoft and *whalaa* it works.
  3. I'm having this same problem. I recently reinstalled Avedesk 2 beta and systats is crashing everytime. It does the same thing with Avedesk 1.3 also.
  4. I would be very grateful to anyone who would spend some time upgrading this program. It is pretty good as is but a few essential things are missing... 1. Ability to make recurring events. 2. To-Do list. 3. Event notification in the month view. I really hope that someone takes on this challenge.
  5. Thanx for your help buddy! I didn't know that we can edit the shortcut.txt file to do this. So, I just added it on at the end and it works!
  6. Hi, I'm using Microsoft Office 2007 Beta. When I load this application, it just shows "Finder" in finderbar, instead of Microsoft Word. Is there anyway that I can fix this? Thanks
  7. I'm having a problem getting the avatars to show up transparent. I posted a screenshot, any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone! Here is my current desktop...enjoy! http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/38305091/
  9. Hi, just reporting a bug with the program. I am able to find a result when I open up the extra window by clicking "show all" that I cannot pull up through the initial window. For example, there is a file on my cpu named "nureedeen and bambu2.WMV". When I type in "nureedeen" the inital window pulls up no results. However, if I type in something random just to get any results, then click on "show all"; I can then type in "nureedeen" in this new window and it will pull up that file. Kinda stange. Also, I will not find the file if I just type in "nur" or "nureedee"; but google is capable of find
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