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  1. Why not try a hackintosh: best of both worlds
  2. Sorry, but i think your post is biased. You should not state your opion as fact.
  3. Maybe you should keep your ignorant opinions to yourself. I know things get hyped all of the time in the media. You have to filter out what is important to you and stop whining about it like a little boy. Dont know why admins cant keep a lid on this sort of trash.
  4. Sorry, perhaps a noob question, but how do you change the trash icon (empty and full)?
  5. Giggles @ bebi and angelina is always ok...
  6. Hmmm? Do you mean the vista start button or the tray icons? Perhaps there is somthing on google...
  7. @ Animm3al Why dont you create an account at deviant? You links never work
  8. If you choose a operating system / computer you should first of all look at the software you like to run on it. Dell, HP, Acer just throw lots of crap on a new pc instead of optimising it
  9. I quite like that little keyboard . I never use keypad at home anyway.
  10. Take a look here http://browse.deviantart.com/customization...ght%20simulator
  11. @ matonga You need to read up on "vanilla" OSX on http://www.insanelymac.com/ Vanilla OSX systems will get both system and software updates. They run of an original OSX DVD (not pirated) A hackintosh can be as smooth as the real one if you have compatible hardware. (For example: not all computers will run aero on Vista) Why get a mac mini when you could be runing OSX on your (much better specced) PC you already own? I dont understand why people try so hard to keep up the the illusion that OSX runs better on a Apple hardware product. Its simply not true.
  12. You are right. I just wanted to keep things simple and point out there are few original ideas out there. And there is a big difference with developing open source software. I think the computer is supplied with the original OSX. With a small tweak (EFI or something like that) you can use the original OSX DVD, complete with updates. If the computer is supplied with the original OSX DVD I see no objection to this product (obvious Apple have a diffrent opinion )
  13. Why so mad? (little batman pun ) Apple hardware is based on standard PC hardware, OSX is based on linux. Who is the copy cat here? Obivously they didn't copy the excellent Apple's hardware design :cool: Sure, someone who ownes 500,- dollar desktop mac would be a pain in the ass for someone who already ownes a +1000 original mac
  14. The bottomline: is the software you want to use available on the above mentioned os. Most serious business software is windows based, most popular games also. That narrows the choice down quite a bit for most users. I have tested XP, Vista, W7, Leopard and Ubuntu 8.10. They are all fine for general use (inet, wp). Its nice to have a choice. So the only thing I hate is the link between software and hardware on macs, but that is a different flamewar
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