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  1. Looks good, but before I download...does it support stacks (like XWindows dock)?
  2. I have both iTunes and fooBar installed on my machines... I run iTunes at home because that is where I sync with my iPod and I like it's playlist management. But, at work I run with foobar. It has such a small memory footprint that I can run it easily with all my development applications...plus there are some beautiful skins out there for it - and it is easy to skin too.
  3. Looks really good. Just a couple of really minor points.. - When I select from your Categories list, the text for the item I selected turns black so I can't see that I selected it. Also the number of entries for each category is in black, so I can't read that unless I highlight it. (I'm browsing with Chrome). - and...well. There is no and. I was about to type something then noticed I was wrong! lol Anyway...great site and nice content.
  4. @neevous Any chance you could post a link to that wallpaper? There's something about it....
  5. I love it....amazing photography. There is such beauty in the architecture here. It all seems so...haunted to me. It really does invoke an emotional reaction. Thanks for the post.
  6. Is it just me or was the best looking part of that lunch the plate?
  7. *Sigh* I could not resist putting Pepper on my desktop either....Although I did have to mod the beach she's at... http://loops-of-fury.deviantart.com/art/On...-wagon-74798263 (Too lazy to post a preview, sorry)
  8. I love them! Totally brilliant.
  9. Yummy! Downloading these now :-)
  10. wtf? 'm from New Zealand and I've never even heard of Granity until I saw this. I guess now I know why.
  11. Thanks for those links. That Icon-Shock site has some pretty good sets at a good price. They look like they might fit our needs. And I totally agree with paying more to get the vector set, I can see that paying off in the long run.
  12. I meant royality free. We're happy to pay for the icons (the once only charge). After looking at various sites it does surprise me the variance between pricing. Some sites charge under $100 for a decent enough set (around 50 icons), where as others want around $300. In my opinion those sets often aren't three times as good.
  13. Thanks NC - nice big set...and totally free ;-)
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