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  1. Update for build 282 - Mise à jour pour 282
  2. Go in Yahoo! widget engine preferences, then go in the Dock panel and select 'Auto hide'.
  3. Hello, I succeeded to make this modification on Yahoo! widget engine v3.1.4 (build 104). And I give you a small tutorial in images (see attach images). I hope that it will help you.
  4. Update for build 275 - Mise à jour pour 275
  5. Go in the Windows registry, exactly in [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareYahooWidgetEngineWidgetsWidgetDock2.9b], and change the value of "crossOpacity" (0 -> 255).
  6. Hello and first of all thank you all for yours helps. I put a hotkey to change instantaneously this. But since the version 3.1 (at the same time I had make a small equivalent function before), we can manage the language (widget.locale). Currently, I have build in eight languages. My object was to a widget "plug-and-play". And I make the Dashboard Calendar 2006. And thank you again. -------------- Posts merged. Please do not double post - Pe8er
  7. Ok. After several test, nothing changed. Now, I understands. Thank you.
  8. I just want to know this, thank you?
  9. Thank you Jack, it's cool. But I want to know for the other countries. Oh yes Shmengie, the week never ends.
  10. Hello everybody, I make a calendar. But I want to know something: where is the week begin by Monday or Sunday? Answer me with the day and [_] (ex: en, fr, de and etc...). Thank you.
  11. I've translate all in french but in 'Dock Item Properties', 'Arguments' and 'Work Folder' don't want to change. For change the language, RK Launcher must be reloaded. I want to what is 'Set icons'?
  12. Update for build 282. I have translate RK Launcher into french. And Raduking, just one thing: Thank you. It's good work. ---------------------------------- In french ---------------------------------- Mise à jour pour la build 282. j'ai traduis RK Launcher en français. Et Raduking, juste un mot: Merci. C'est du bon boulot. rkl_french for build 282.zip
  13. Hello, I have finished the translation of 'readme.txt' and the new items in 'french.js'. I included them in WidgetDock and WidgetDockMod. I have make a small modification in ' WidgetDock.kon' (I included the icon in the security dialog). WidgetDock v2.9b / WidgetDockMod v2.9b I would like to know if the addition of the french language helped or not. I do not know if there is french community in this forum. Oh yes. I know where the values of the preferences are saved. In the Windows registry, [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareYahooWidgetEngineWidgets].
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