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  1. @BebiBulma: good one, mate
  2. who's the aqua grandpa???
  3. fasticon is always a HQ guarantee.
  4. Nice work. How did you realized reflections on the O surface? Is a 3d model?
  5. ummmhh... too cartonesque IMO, maybe can be good in a windows environment
  6. Blue. No doubt. Or maybe, try to get some grey or avio. Will seem quite professional, I think.
  7. Don't waste forum space. Ban this guy.
  8. Hey louie!!! what happened to your site? if you need a new hosting, let me know.
  9. really good and clean. and sexy.
  10. welcome to best place for iconists!!! btw, try to do a finest icon. IMO is too crisp.
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