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  1. If you run it on a 64 bit version of Windows, 32 bit apps get the GDI++ font rendering while 64 bit apps do not.
  2. I'm trying to make a Vista vs. However I don't know where to change the Search Pane text color, I looked over UKIntel's hex editing tutorial, but there's nothing about the Search Pane.
  3. You can also download and replace the default ones with the patched uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll from here(I did not upload them). Be sure to take ownership and backup first.
  4. you can also use reshacker this will replace the icon in your application to the one you choose just make sure to create a backup
  5. removed the languages folder installed those still crashes at startup
  6. yay! edit:this isn't working it said it needed d3dx9_36.dll in order to run after getting it, it crashes as soon as i start it up (caused an error and needed to close) running vista ultimate if it matters
  7. for people who use the auto-hide feature of the taskbar or people like me who use objectdock or other software to completely hide their taskbars ok, i'll try to explain this option : now : there's no myboard process running in the background. you launch myBoard and you get a balloon and a tray icon. myBoard launches when you press the assigned hotkey. with that option activated : there's no myboard process running in the background. you launch myBoard (double-click from explorer etc) and myBoard pops up (no balloon, no tray icon, no additional hotkey press). now: you click on an empty
  8. feedback - when the board is activated pressing the assigned hotkey will cause it reactivate. IMO, pressing the hotkey again should bring you back to the desktop - multiple instances can be run, causing multiple boards to be activated with the same hotkey at the same time - dropping a widget on the dock will still create a new widget behind the dock - widgets don't appear where you place them; they appear off by a few pixels - i'd also like support for top/side/no taskbar - if you move a widget to the top of the screen then open the widgetdock, that widget will slide off the screen. it w
  9. click on the image above for full view and application info
  10. click on image to download Vista-like folder icons. Package contains normal and shell versions. Package contains windows vista (ICO), mac os x (ICNS) and linux/other (PNG) compatible icons as well as 4 PNG files that allow you to add custom contents to the icon.
  11. KU580 icon, for use with the LG PC Suite Compatible with Windows Vista. Click on the image to download
  12. click the image for fullview/details.
  13. vista desktop for july. click image for fullview/details.
  14. Click on the image to view full size. Details in the preview
  15. gotta figure out a new name :slant:
  16. click on the image to download dark visual style requires windowblinds 5 --beta-- -no left/right taskbar -no logoff, shudown and please wait dialogs -styler toolbar included
  17. desktop for june. details in the preview Click on the image for full-sized view.
  18. click on the image for full view
  19. get this icon editor. it allows you to save 256x256 icons with compression for vista and it's free
  20. that only happens to me when i choose "crop to fit screen" or "mantain aspect ratio". i have no problems with slideshow, though
  21. Click on the image to view. Details at DeviantArt.
  22. Click on the image to download. Glass style Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator icons. Created for Windows Vista (sizes 256, 48, 32, 16).
  23. you can change them from office... at least in office2007, not sure about the previous versions though
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