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  1. ok but with the USB version of the mighty mouse can you left and right click and scroll on PC?
  2. Thanks that works great! I was wondering if there was a utility to do that but couldn't find one anywhere! But that still leaves a few questions, firstly is it worth having a mighty mouse over a wireless one? Do the features on it outweigh the wireless usabilty - on the basis that I only bought the wireless mouse to keep a USB slot free BUT the keyboard has two so that is not an issue as I can use one of those. And also can you left and right click on the mighty mouse on XP on a PC?
  3. I am using a PC well one of these new Intel Core Duo laptops and I have an apple wired keyboard which works fine and the wireless mouse worked just not the right click function. So I want to know that if I change the wireless mouse with s mighty mouse tomorrow that I can left and right click with no problems - I know I wont get all the functionality but I can live without all its features I just want to be able to left and right click!
  4. As amusing as that may have been to you if you can answer me that would be more helpful! Its not really a big deal I can just go change it for a mighty mouse - but I want to know that if I do I can right and left click on it or I would get a normal windows mouse!
  5. I bought myself a wireless apple mouse today (bluetooth) but I can't get the equivilent of a right button click with it! as a result I checked the apple site and it appears that the mouse is not the mighty mouse but just a normal one button mouse! I was wondering why the wired and wireless mice were the same price! as much as I would like a bluetooth mouse the fact is that the lack of right click function drives me mad! So I think I will go change it for a mighty mouse tomorrow however if anyone knows of a way to right click with the wireless mouse on XP please let me know and also let me k
  6. I bought a wired keyboard and a wireless mighty mouse and it all seems to work although I had to guess the password for the mouse on bluetooth (which was 0000). I do have one question though! how do I right click on the apple mouse as I cant seem to do that no matter what way I press! Thanks!
  7. ok thanks I thought it might be that but I wanted to be sure! thanks!
  8. I had an observation with my duo core 1.83Ghz processor that according to cpuid it runs at around 980Mhz until it is bein used when it jumps up to 1.83Ghz so I am wondering is that part of the specs for power saving or is my processor faulty? Is it to do with how it keeps power efficiency by changing the clock speed or is it a problem - if anyone knows please let me know! thanks!
  9. ok so it looks good - maybe a wired keyboard so I get an extra USB and a wireless mouse as thats better and keeps a USB socket clear! Thanks everyone!
  10. If anyone can answer me original questions please let me know - and in response to the last post - isn't everything USB 2.0 now? what would work with USB 1.1 (general examples I mean) as assuming it works at all as a hub with a PC it wouldn't be worthit if the USB 1.1 connectors are pretty much useless!
  11. Hey I have read that the wired and bluetooth Mac keyboard will work with a PC using Windows but will the two USB ports on the keyboard also work? I just bought myself a Sony Vaio FE11S Core Duo Laptop and want a really good keyboard to type on when I am using it at my desk (as it is easier that leaning over the keyboard) I was condering the wirless one but as I only have 3 USB 2.0 slots on the laptop the wired keyboard appeals to me as I would gain two extra USB slots (well one extra slot) but would the USB hub function work? If not I may as well go for the wireless. Please let me know. Tha
  12. It was the new Pre Beta 2 - that was out yesterday! Maybe that was not the cause, maybe it was just that I had to delete all the IE temp files (for whatever reason) and it would have still worked with the beta - but I couldn't be bothered to risk it so just unistalled it! If I was to download a copy of XP Home could I use that to fix the problems and repair windows? I have a licensed Dell version BUT I do not have the CD with me would a downloaded version fix it as long as I enter my Dell XP product key? As I would rather not wait but I cannot do anything else until the weekend as regards m
  13. I don't think I will try re-installing it as it did start freezing and crashing after that - I did put the IE beta on AFTER I had restored the settings so I don't think it was the cause. It does however appear to have sorted out the whole OSX logos issue though which is strange so everything seems ok for now, nevertheless if there is anyway to check please let me know and of course I still can't see McAfee screens although all else appears to be ok now. ----------- I was wrong about it sorting itself out! It still has the various logos when you try to open a file say in media player it
  14. Basically I tried to install the flyakite skin but it froze up at around 70% and so did the PC - so I had to manually reset it and switch it off - following that it keep freezing on startup after a few seconds... Eventually I managed to do a system restore to before I started installing Flyak BUT there are still elements of the skin mixed with windows elements so how can I get it back to windows? My concern is this patching has made my pc unstable and it seems to be freezing up quite alot and it wasn't before - is that something that can happen? and is there a fix? Also I can't see McAfee
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