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  1. this is wonderful ave. can't wait to enjoy the benefits ofyour hard work
  2. beautiful duckie. I already have many people who love your old skin (I use my PPC to type my notes in class...you'd be amazed the feedback this will go nicely
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA this one gets my vote great job ave and menge!
  4. might I also add that logitech just released some sweeeeeeet bluetooth wireless headphones for mp3 players and ipods alike? check out logitech.com for more details!
  5. For some reason, I'm also worried But like Unbeleiver said, this is a shocker. I couldn't believe it myself. I still can't...
  6. very nice! I like it I would personally like a download files folder, uploads folder, program files folder and music folder (with some sort of musical notes) other than that looks great. keep up the good work
  7. updated, but still not much better. text is too high on FF Max/IE Mac. I've run out of ideas :-/ what do you think?
  8. hey guys I'm working on another site and another layout, this time for learning purposes. it is not rendering how I'd like it to. my main problems are with the CSS I'm working on. I design xhtml and css layouts without tables. For some reason some of the CSS I have been using all of a sudden is not working like I thought it had before. I am out of ideas. I'd appreciate any help any of you could give me Here is the layout. It is pretty basic right now: http://mark.staff.aodnetwork.com/new_ucmb/...ision/index.htm I am trying to make the layout look like this link: http://mark.staff.aodnetwo
  9. beautiful! great work kgraphik I am a big fan of your work
  10. beautiful work brian. can't wait for the windows version!
  11. beautiful. can't wait to see more of these
  12. Tom, I've sent you a PM. please take a look or IM me (mdz61384 is my screenname) if you'd like
  13. beautiful! can't wait for WB/Windows port
  14. I supose suggesting you boys take this to PM's would be out of the question
  15. great job rimmer! also, so you know, the full screen screenie on the first post is broken
  16. beautiful guys! this is what ave's work is all about! I could kiss you two right now. PUCKER UP!
  17. chalk me up on not being able to see the images. I'm sure they'll show up soon!
  18. i agree with unbeliever about the eject button...and great work! really looking forward to these
  19. I thought since the blocks of code existed between the header section and body section that there would have been a problem. I guess not? I know you have to respecify even global variables (though what about session variables?) in functions, but I'm not using any right now. I checked before I added the m00 to the code and it still didn't work. must have copied older source that I used. oops! thank you for your help so far Mahalis
  20. great stuff! very funny and cute. thank you and because it had to be said...m00!
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