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  1. iTunes Icon Another black / white icon, this is mainly a teaser of the next thing i'm working on ( iconset.. ) so probably will be the last release i do till i release the final set...enjoy it...
  2. Hello there, here's my latest icon...hope you guys like it.. ciao :wink:
  3. Roike


    Hi guys, thanks for the comments glad you liked
  4. ****...another NC shot.... yeah! Wallpaper - AmoNiCu - Roike Icons - Amora -/// AmoNiCu Blue Mod By Roike ///- By D.Lanham GuiKit - AmoNiCu By Roike Amora GuiKit + Nickel Cobalt Guikit Amora Credits - D. Lanham Nickel Cobalt Credits - Paul Johnson - Max Rudberg - Philipp Antoni Dock Icons - Amora Orbs -/// AmoNiCu Blue Mod By Roike ///- By D.Lanham Itunes Skin - AmoNiCu - By Roike Adium - AmoNiCu - By Roike Yahoo Widgets Album Artwork By Roike ( a mod of sputnik )
  5. Hi there, a few icons i made to my last desktop contains 10 icons Finder Itunes Disco Photoshop App Zapper Quicktime VLC Empty and Full Bin Firefox and 13 instant Messengers Clients 128x128 / ICNS / PNG ____ do you want a special icon? request it please. every comments welcome Download here
  6. hi there, new wallpack one resolution only, 1680x1050 4 versions ( u can see them in the preview ) Azul - meant for shinny shots Reaktor - Meant for Dark shots Retrakted - Meant for Light shots Retro - Meant for me hahaha want to make your own version? yeah, you can't be a decent dmoder if u don't create ur own stuff, so feel free to ask me for the LOGO PSD, i don't mind to share.
  7. Revolutionary beat New Month...New Desktop Wallpaper - DMD Revolution - By Me icons - DMD Revolution - By Me Adium - DMD Revolution - By Me Theme - Stomp DMD Revolution - Mod By Me Huh...weird shot, i love the whole concept, but i would use other colors, but for today i'll stuck on this...
  8. seriously? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i don't think so, looks like pub'n'cash, and the major content is NFR...
  9. 1680x1050 only hope you guys like it, every comment's welcome! Download
  10. Roike


    hehe, many thanks wizard for such kind words
  11. Special Edition of my Mario Wallpaper, hope you guys like it, bye bye** Download
  12. Hi Guys GuiKit - Alluvium Magnite by Brian Zetler - Glamorous Mod By Me Wallpaper - Mario - Smash Brother - Old Edition - Original and respective MOD by me, will be released tomorrow Dock Icons - Smash Bros. By Me Drive Icons - Original Drive from Agua IconSet by D. Lanham, Mario Mod By Me Adium Contact List - Me Adium Message Windows - By/Mod Me Extras ________ On the Dirty Shot - Hitho - My Next Wallpaper... ________ Thanks.
  13. Spiderman © marvel '07 _______ 1680x1050 Only the preview sucks, only the full view show ya how it is, i mean, the texture.. hope you guys like it, every comment welcome cya! Download
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