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  1. It's Y'z Shadow trying to work on a program that runs in hidden mode. On my Laptop it was the IntelProSet Driver. So try to stop every program from within the taskmanager, until you find the one causing that rectangle. Then add the program to the exclusion list of Y'z Shadow and you'll find out that the rectangle has gone...
  2. Google for the Program "Icon Tweaker". This Tool might help you changing, the icon's to whatever you like, even to restore the original one. I hope this helps...
  3. I upgraded to the latest available Version of WB5 (5.00.011), now the Theme remains stable, at least longer then it did until now, so I hope for good. The only thing with this Version of WB seems to be that, the +, that you have usually in front of the folders in the explorer, are now a black dot...
  4. I'm having a new problem with this theme. I've OS X 3, WB 5 and the Theme Version from the OS X Package. From time to time it happens, that for an unknown reason to me, some of the informations contained on the theme get lost, this is mostly shown in changed colors for the dialogs and in unreadable menus of the launched programs. Does anyone else experience same prob's? I do have then to uninstall the theme from WB5, change to another one, relaunch the System, install Steve's Theme again and then everything is again as I like to have it, for a few days or so and then I starts over again.
  5. Thanks! Not only was I able to change the Font, but also to increase the size by 20%.
  6. Hi Steve Great Job you've done with this Theme, I love it! I'm not sure about, but is there a chance to change the font used within? The one, that is used as "standard" on my Laptop is very small (Res. 1680 * 1050)? Thanks for a hint!
  7. For another reason I've had to reinstall my system from the scratch. But there's one advantage out of that, i don't have the message anymore of this updated system file Something completely different, I've had made another thread yesterday about a problem I've encountered with using WindowBlinds, I can't find this Post anymore, it dissapeard magically...
  8. Obviously only after I installed Flyakite, as it's a part of the package, as far as I understand...
  9. I already tried that, but didn't help. There are no unknown or unneeded Programs in my Startup Procedure... It's neither a Virus or a Spyware Program, I checked that to. Anything else I could try? Or shall I simply turn of the System Files Updater from Flyakite?
  10. When starting my Laptop, I always get the message from the Flyakite System Updater "System files have been updated". Is there a way to find out which one these are? And why, does this message appear all the time when I start my Laptop :confused:? One might think that it could happen from time to time, when the installation has changed but not every time I boot. Or is this a hint, that something with my system isen't as it should be? Thanks for any suggestion!
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