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  1. Thank you Savouryspacemonkey for your explanation, no it isn't absolutely a problem, i'm just fixing some little problems where it's possible... the problem is known http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=3629 I wrote to ccleaner developers in their forum... ...and now I will wait Andrew
  2. After FlyakiteOSX 3.0 installation in some (a small number) applications disappeared the text in some buttons (look at the picture)... Is it possible repair this problem? Is it a problem connected with windows xp colors setup or is it an application problem? Thanks Andrew
  3. After the FlyakiteOSX v3.0 installation WinWord ended to work, so I repaired Office with the setup option, of course now I lost the New Mac Style Icons for this suite... How can I rebuild these icons? Thanks for your help Andrew
  4. Problem solved... Rebuilt file associations in Folder Options (file types): URL:Protocollo di trasferimento file URL:Protocollo Gopher URL:Protocollo di trasferimento HyperText URL:Protocollo di trasferimento protetto HyperText URL:Collegamento Internet
  5. I have just installed this beautiful customizing program. Great!!! Thanks Now I have a little problem, my browser is Firefox and after the install process I have lost most browser file preferences, the most important problem is that I have lost the links to the browser... Example: after the registration process of this forum, the system sent me a email with a link to complete the registration... if I click over the link in the email nothing happen and I must copy this link in the browser address bar to complete the registration process... Can you help me please Thank you Andrew
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