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  1. I Thought I Might Add Something To This Thread... Enjoy
  2. Thanks for the helps guys ill give this a try
  3. Im experiencing a tying bug and its driving me INSANE!!!!! 1. when typing, the curosr seems to block everything . its overlapping the next letter 2. When i do type the following;" Aqua-Soft Forums" or "Firefox they appear as; "Aq ua-SoftForu ms" or "Fi refox" 3. when deleting word(s) they still appear 4. when viewing text they appear to be spaced out or overlapping, crammed together ! //Thread Moved, Retitled. -NC
  4. In My Mind CLICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. First For FEBUARY "CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  6. Thanks for the help. ill take a quick look at the link you provided, In the meantime i think i might find my way 40min to the apple store !!!!!!!!!!
  7. [universal] Im having problems loading APE from system pref, when clicking to load nothing happens. I tried uninstalling the app, but doesnt seem to solve the problem.
  8. So heres the scoop. I had my ipod for over a year now, maybe even longer (couple months) and all of a sudden ive been having major issues with it. When going to class . I usually have my ipod in hand, but once i cut it on it shuts off with a "power failure" sound! The next few hours it cuts on with no problem and works fine and suddenly shuts off or freezes. So the following week i havent used it because i was pretty much fed up with it. I cut it on with a "sad face" ipod logo on the screen with visit apple site/support. I did the following instructions which is to restore my ipod or force
  9. Thanks roike.. what exactly does "DmD" stands for ?
  10. yea.. ill snatch up the wind Khalua. Pretty nice designs from you with the walls
  11. This completes my next sceenie hopefully .. thanks !
  12. Thanks for sharing .. nice work !
  13. Nice wally P! . Are you still on Aim? .. i think i lost your name for some reason !
  14. I thought i was the biggest lox fan there is in here !
  15. simple .. but it works ! .. thanks
  16. Thanks Lox .. did you get the name from the official rap group LOX ?
  17. sure thing.. its noting big , something simple
  18. I think theres some info in widget section about your question. I seen a few threads about it !
  19. Duvy thanks for the help . Problem SOLVED !
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