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  1. Hi Unbeliever! An "unbelievable" thanks for this advice. Yeah, you definitely discovered a weakness, actually I'm not good at "coming straight to the point". :-) I promise solemnly to improve Regards Leif
  2. Hey Guys! I am searching for an application like "Skin Maker". For all of you who don't know this app - "Skin Maker" is an very easy strcutured application to design individual Winamp Skins. Does any one know if there exists an equal application for Windows Media Player or if it is generally possible to design individual Skins for WMP? Thanks for taking time to read my request! Best wishes from Germany Leif
  3. Hey guys! I've also installed this great skin but unfortunately I've also got this already mentioned "Local Folder" Problem. The name "Local Folder is hidden but the folder still exists. Because of that the icon "send / receive mails" is still unusable. Here is a pic of my problem: http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/2892/tb2bl.jpg Does anyone know how I can fix it? Thanks for your support and for this great skin as well! Best wishes from Germany Leif
  4. Hi @all! Does anyone of you know, if there is an Alienware Skin for Winamp available? I already tried to find one via google but unfortunatelly didn't succeed. Thank you very much for Help and regards from the far north of Germany :-) Leif
  5. Hi Trent Pivot! Yes it worked for me, too Thank you again for the support Now the taskbar is where it need to be :-) Leif
  6. Hi @all. I installed FlyakiteOSX 3.0 today. After the installation was completed the Taskbar went up the screen automatically . How could I replace my Taskbar to the bottom? Thank you very much for help Regards from the far north of Germany - I really like the design Thank you very much for this great App. Leif
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