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  1. same problem for me here. i will be buying a macbook for college but there are rumours how a macbook and macbook pro hardware upgrade release as soon as early september. a possible upgrade from the current core duo (32-bit) chips to core 2 duo (64-bit) chips. i want to buy one now with the offer of a free nano, yet i don't want to buy my macbook if there is a new one coming so soon. any comments or hardware updates u've heard?
  2. thanks guys. ive just cleaned out my heat sink, reinstalled it and had 2 more fans added. im not sure if its because of the weather as well. the system temp dropped by 8 degrees. CPU Idle: 45C CPU Full Load: 50C
  3. I didnt make any changes to my comp apart from installing flykiteosx. I installed and uninstalled flykiteosx, the right clicking and delete buttons work in IE and Maxthon. I've got flykiteosx installed again, but the right clicking and delete button still doesnt work. Is there any way around this? Thanks for the advice with firefox, ill try that soon
  4. Problems I've encountered so far - I can't right click things within the browsers - I can't download from links on websites - The "Delete" button doesn't work as well Any help will be great!
  5. I am kind of worried about my cpu temp on my barton 2800+. It seems like its running at a higher temp than normal bartons i've read around on the net. System Config AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (oc-ed to 3000+) Gigabyte GA-7N400 (nforce2 Ultra 400) Kingston 1GB DDR400 (Dual Channel 4x256) Maxtor 80GB 7200rpm Quantum 5GB 5400rpm Inno3d Tornado GeForce 5700LE (128mb) Samsung CD-RW LiteOn DVD-RW System Tempurature Idle: 53 Load: 55-62 (depending on room temp and amount of dust) I've spent $40 on a new full copper heat sink from ThermalTake and it doesnt seem to help much. I was wondering if you guys c
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