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  1. Well, I got SearchSpy in Flyakite 3.0 and it worked fine at first. Then, after a few hours, the SearchSpy menu stopped working. I don't know what happened, I had Google Desktop installed, it just stopped finding any results at all. Searching inside the regular SearchSpy window worked, but nothing else did. Does anyone else have that problem?
  2. The site works fine in Firefox, I was just on it. However, there were around 750 people looking at the development thread and they all went to the site right now, I'll bet. It's just really slow, that's all.
  3. flyakite, the site is amazing. I'm gonna download 3.0 right now.
  4. Happy New Years! Err, I mean, Happy Noon! Hmm, I wonder how long it'll take before all 715 viewers of this thread download 3.0
  5. Hehe, it would be great if we could drop a kite on release like they drop a ball on New Years:D flyakite, you may be the most loved man on the net right now:p
  6. Well, there shouldn't be a difference. Do what you want, but 3.0 is supposed to install right over 2.0 @desino1: It's 1:00 for us here in EST.
  7. Well, if I'm not mistaken, flyakite said noon in Chicago time. I think that's in 15 minutes:p
  8. I just wanted to say thanks to flyakite for working hard so that we can all get rid of our ugly Windows XP Luna GUI. I mean, where would we be without a great transformation pack or two?
  9. Thanks for the help, it worked perfectely. Although seriously, I need to get a bigger hard drive:D
  10. You see, that's just it. No records were ever created for Add/remove programs. Oh, and shmengie, if I reinstall it and then uninstall, will it remove both copies?
  11. Ok, you see, I was installing Flyakite on an insanely small hard drive(think 10 gigs) and thought I would have more than enough space for it. Then my computer told me I was low on space, so I ended up closing the installer through the task manager. Apparently that wasn't a very good idea as it didn't create any uninstaller files. System restore doesn't work. I'll probably try Flyakite again later, but first I want to fix my current installation. What can I do to remove the Flyakite files and free up space without destroying Windows?
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