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  1. Hey guys, I'm having trouble with both iMovie '06 and '08. When I record a video or audio clip, the audio won't play. There aren't problems with the microphone, however, as I can still record with applications like WireTapPro. What's going on here? Thanks so much!
  2. Yeah, I only have Firefox installed, but I'm betting this is the problem. The problem is that it was acting this way even before the conversion, although that idea does make sense. When I was initially installing XP it always had troubles when I tried to install it with the NTFS, so FAT32 was the only thing that worked. I guess I'll delete the partition and install it with 32 GB of space. Thanks!
  3. Hey there all, I recently installed Windows XP via Boot Camp on a separate partition of my Mac. I originally installed it with the FAT32 file system, but converted it to NTFS via convert.exe. Regardless of the file system, the operating system itself has proven itself quite unstable. Keep in mind this is only a few days old, and I don't recall Windows ever being THIS bad. After startup, it's REALLY easy for the machine to freeze. I could try to double click on an icon on the desktop, click on the start menu, or even just click on the desktop, and the machine will freeze. By freeze, I mean I c
  4. What do you mean "it's been done already"? I want to use my own style, not the iTunes modded ones.
  5. Hey, I'm interesting in modding my Leopard scrollbars. I've already got the concepts done in Photoshop, I just need to know how to play with rsrc files. Any help?
  6. Maybe your Dock's frozen? Open Terminal and type killall Dock and press return to restart it and see if that solves it.
  7. Yeah, I expected it from the reflective dock, but I always use the 2D dock which really annoys me. Apple has to patch up this feature.
  8. And that's a fact ...It seriously is. I think.
  9. If you have a huge library, definitely go for the classic. I love my nano, but that's because I have only about 300 songs. In retrospect, I wish I got a classic so I could put more video content on it. You have to ask yourself if you have a big library and like videos on the go, or if you just want to listen to a relatively small music library? And of course, do you have the cash to spare?
  10. I'm going to have to go with "grey", simply because of the fact that it doesn't look awkward in my mind. When I see it, it looks as it sounds. When I see "gray", I usually see "gay" in my head and then it's quickly corrected. (There's my weird mind for you).
  11. Lamas are the world's leading source of alternative transportation.
  12. Yeah dude, this thing rocks! I'd totally go for that sort of design, although it hasn't varied much from the Mini's current design. I like your inclusion of "Mac OS X 10.6 Lion". Lion's a good possibility. I'm also hoping for Lynx, which simply sounds awesome!
  13. Okay, remember one of the selling points of OS X back in the day? You could minimize a, let's say, Quicktime player while it was still playing and still watch the video as a thumbnail in your dock. When Vista did something similar, many bashed it because it was considered a "copied" feature. So I upgraded to Leopard last December, and one thing keeps bugging me -- why don't videos play in the dock anymore? Instead, they just freeze the frame they were minimized on. Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix?
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