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  1. For the Aqua-soft crowd! Both download links are hosted, so just click the picture to download! Anyway, all the widescreen, standard resolutions are in each zip along with patternless. I know it may not be everybody's cup of tea, but some might like it.
  2. 4 Aqua mod variations, loved all four and decided to release em all for those with slightly different tastes in walls. Uber Preview of all four: http://venom.pinkmirrors.com/Screenshots/R...Uberpreview.jpg Download link is hosted independently, thanks to Pinky, so no DA! Yay!
  3. @alxz310, It's kind of a big package, and would cost a decent amount of bandwidth to satisfy all of the downloaders. @lid, Yep, all 2560x1600. @Bebi_bulma, thank you for seeding! I really appreciate the help
  4. Well, 100 Walls! Please read! This package only contains a huge preview of all the walls in their respected volumes, and the Torrent file to download the entire package, plus a read me for those new to torrents. Entire package is about 240Mbs, and spans over several styles, through 100 walls! Please be patient during the torrent download, Me and Pinky are currently seeding as fast as we can! I spent an entire week working on these, please help us seed! It'd be a lot of help! I'll continue to seed as long as I can! Preview of all 100 walls : http://venom.pinkmirrors.co
  5. I guess these are sort of like icons... : Mirror! : http://venom.pinkmirrors.com/Misc/The%20Fa...0Collection.zip It's huge PSD file with remakes of some small graphics I used to put into small dialogs and teasers. Don't let it's small size fool you, it's a huge set. Preview all of the layers shown here: http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/5886/largepreviewfi4.jpg You can control, mod and do just about anything you want with the packaged graphics! Including re-releasing your mods! Just please, do not take credit, or try to profit in anyway from these, I've worked really on th
  6. I used to have an app that could do the same a few years back, after digging up the screenshot this was it: http://aquaria.za.net/index.php?option=com...sk=view&id=133/ I'm not sure if it's exactly the same app, but they sure seem it.
  7. Thanks guys! @virstulte, that was kind of the overall point @etnik04, Yup, a release a day is still going on!
  8. OMG, I'm back on here with, like, 28 walls Hope you all remember me! A little something for everyone was my direction this time, hope it works out alrighty! All of the walls we're made at 2560x1600 with no patterns, so because of the abstract nature, they should downscale pretty well. I hope I out did my last Color theory package! Preview one of the 28 : http://venom.pinkmirrors.com/Screenshots/R...3%20preview.jpg Uber preview! (All of em) : http://venom.pinkmirrors.com/Misc/largepreview.jpg Mirror for the DA hating folks : http://venom.pinkmirrors.com/Wallpapers/Mi...0Th
  9. Dugg, entered, good luck with your site you two
  10. Posted the fix, take a look in your problem thread
  11. Elements > Global Elements > Windows (Aqua) > Window Background > Send to Photoshop and receive the same image > save theme > Export the guikit Easy fix, I hope it doesn't sound too complicated. Hopefully that's your last bug because I want this theme bad
  12. :mad: 'Doh, LMAO, dude... No problem at all with the icon sharing, happy to help...
  13. Quickly enjoying my 15th wall release, and Rhino before I switch back to Simple One. I'm an addict to it
  14. Well I can't do a VS/WBA port, but I can give you the walls and icons. Here: http://homepage.mac.com/adan_vivar/downloa...o%20request.zip Package has the icons in PNG, and .ico form + the walls @Liquival, dude you can ask me anytime through IM for things like these
  15. Thanks a million mate, absolutely awesome wall
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