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  1. .. according to microsoft every theme applied using anything but styleXP/ winblinds is illegal anyway so i wouldn;t sweat it I think it would come under fair use.
  2. dorsc they're wallpapers- for walls not desktops and they cost around $500 each..
  3. http://www.maxalot.com/xpsf/xpsif_all.shtml unfortunatley for the wrong kind of wall, but still stupidly awsome if you can afford them
  4. try soapsky but i can't remember who its by.. or royal inspirat se by stefan-ka
  5. ho ho ho.. moaning about US gas prices.. in the uk gas is about $1,80 a litre.. so $7.20 a gallon.. think about that when you complain about gas price.. but seriously the wii is the way to go people.. BTW exclusive resi evil 5 for wii!
  6. .. includidng copyright fonts in a vs is bad.. people should at least have to google is they want things that would cost £100's for a graphic designer. Its good that sky is acting responsibly and protecting the community unlike so many others
  7. if your using grub then you probably just need to edit the name of the hdd which it expects to find windows on..
  8. dpends if you want "just" a blog or not textpattern is really a CMS so you can do so much more than blogs with it. wordpress is focused on blogging so its very hard to get it to do other things (not impossible though)
  9. find and run robot is an app launcher for windows.. its easily the slickest and best of its kind i;ve used anywhere.. herustics intelligent memory.. bloody smal.. and if it dosn;t find your file it will kepp looking and often trun it up a few seconds later.. mailny ann app launcher rather than a GDS style but combine with GDS and your set .. also its freeware they just make you jump thouhg a fw hoops to try get l you to donate: http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mous...drun/index.html
  10. i don;t see why its such a big deal tbh.. yes its a nice app but its not world changing or something i;d expect to make the digg FPN for those who can;t get to the site here are direct links.. LINKS REMOVED taht should be enough for the moment?.. don;t forget to DONATE TO HIM if you like it
  11. .. i'd wait for a while see what the 12" (please apple go for 13.3".. and 17" models look like and wait for bugs to be ironbed out). As adam curry put it you don;t want to pay to be aplle's beta tester.
  12. very easy .. very nice .. thanks a bundle
  13. no.. set up a folder called Podcasts instead and place playlist in it.. for proper podcasting use podnova.com.. syncs your cast anywhere.. does torrentcasts ect and the client is GPL
  14. hmm unsure.. not comicsans ms.. thetre is a tool around called what the font which you could try (stfw for it)
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