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  1. Well I still exist... but as I predicted back in 2002/03, Apple moved to the Intel platform in 2006. So I completely lost interest as Hackintosh became a reality, so there was no reason to skin windows anymore, since you could run the real thing.
  2. Well gang, I have finally finished it... my Mac OSX 10.2.6 update! I didn't get a chance to post screenshots, I think it speaks for itself, that and I just wanted to get this up. Anyway here is a list of updates... V10.2.6 - Another Font Correction, updated to a new font "Mac Lucinda Grand" that I ported directly over from the mac. New method of getting an exact match between Fonts and images that use fonts are now 99.999 correct. - Another complete rehaul on the skins, direct porting of skin images from the mac, not from a screenshot sources, so all images are truely 1:1. - Added New ski
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