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  1. Well I still exist... but as I predicted back in 2002/03, Apple moved to the Intel platform in 2006. So I completely lost interest as Hackintosh became a reality, so there was no reason to skin windows anymore, since you could run the real thing.
  2. I am intererested in hosting. I need a new location for hosting my domain www.scalpelstudios.com Its currently a hogepoge of differenent providers... charter.com and webspace from AquaXP.com I wanted to centeralize. And I haven't been able to get a hold of Shak (aquaxp.com's owner), to do some account changes so I am locked out.
  3. Ding Dong, the witch is dead... the witch is dead
  4. Well of course, I can't. Does not mean I cannot apply for all 3. I believe, I qualify for all 3. IMHO it would be up the staff to decide, based on ability which position would best suite me.
  5. Age: 32 50 Posts? Yes Fluent in English? Yes Country of Residence: USA (PST) Education: Associates Degree in Graphic Multimedia Design, MCSA (MS Certified Systems Admin) Bi-Technical - PC and Mac. TS rep for a major ISP. Reason: I figured what better way to return to the community, but as a newsposter. One of the early scene modders. Developed and co-developed several well known skins, from Objectbar to Phoenix (now Firefox). Posistion desired: OS X application reviewer, GUI reviewer, Windows application reviewer.
  6. Personally I think this Topic should be closed and flagged... CherryOS is officially a fraud, plain and simple. Don't use it, don't even talk about it... Unless its to ridicule Arben.... Hmm I wonder if thier is any connection between Arben and Aafus and his joke of an os BabyaOS?
  7. I was working for Earthlink when I joined the aqua mod scene about 2 years ago. which after 5 years of employment was laid off due to the evils of outsourcing. Was out of work for a year, and recently became employed by Charter Communications. Currently hold a Degree in Multimedia/Graphic Design and a MCSA (includes A+, Net+, CCNA, MCP)
  8. actually what they are refering to... is don't use windows update, to update drivers... Btw... don't ever use it to update drivers for ANY hardware... I have seen and exprienced windows update drivers screw up vast amouts of HW driver installs... MS usually will make code changes to drivers submitted for winupdate... which can cause issues... I personally have 4 radeons myself from the first one released on to a modded 9500np -> 9700pro. So I have extensive knowlege of the product... I would do what babypapichulo said... Uninstall all the ATI drivers, (you don't need to uninstall MMC) A
  9. Is it me, or is this zip file not working for anyone. And I am not refering to the link, but to actually opening the archive.
  10. Actually thats totally incorrect... The earliest Mac you can run OSX on without a lot of upgrading (only need more ram) is a Biege G3 233(1997)... predates the imac(1998) by almost a year. BUT actually you can run OSX on 8600 and 9600 powermacs with the proper upgrades, ie: G3 upgrade daughter board, ram, etc. but it really isn't worth the cost to get it up to the speed really needed to make use of the OS. I just found this... http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/XPostFacto/ "While Apple has limited its support for Mac OS X to those machines that originally came with a G3 or G4 processor, i
  11. dunno why you added that, but I did put that it was from wincustomize...
  12. Weather Image Scandal and its aftermath! Without even knowing it, dozens of skinners were using ripped images. The weather images that you have seen in various docks, DesktopX objects, DesktopX themes, Samurize, and other programs that have made it far and wide are rips. Those images were taken from a Macintosh program called Konfabulator and made by Arlo Rose. They are (I think) based on images from Weather.com but only in terms of inspiration, they are wholly his works. But they seemed to have made their way to the freeware world on Windows in the form of weather plugins, Samuriz
  13. I haven't even finished my coke yet.... Cause it was all so much fun... I have to make it last... Happy B-day ya shmuck!
  14. Sounds like an overlay issue... I suggest you contact Stardock with the issue.
  15. Seems the top OS X Modders/Skinners have joined forces... (BBX, Swiz, Max, "Smeger" and Unsanity ) Seems Swizcore departure was exagerated, even by him. Looks like it maybe an APE enabled theme switcher. If you're not familiar with APE, its a great preference panel based set of utilities using plugin architecture for doing various mods and enhancements for OS X. And was made by Unsanity. Check out http://www.unsanity.com/ homepage.mac.com/max_08 www.swizcore.com
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