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  1. Sorry, for not replying a long time. Well the version of Xp here is german, so I guess thats not it. When I look into the Current User settings of Flyakite OSX, the check is (and was always) set at "Keep Current (32)". Has there been any other solutions? (Apart from that selfhacking dll one)
  2. Hi guys, I have Flyakite OSX installed (not using the VS though - just the shell icons) and I need help - I updated my Win Xp a few days ago and since then my calculator won't work any more. I get an error message: -- calc.exe - Illegal system-dll relocation The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:WindowsSystem32SHELL32.dll occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL. -- Some users of the Vista Transformation pack had t
  3. Yeah but the horse is the Premiere 1 icon...
  4. Has anybody this icon in acceptable resolution or could make it? Thanks.
  5. Link is dead. Anybody have it?
  6. Hi, I downloaded flyakite v3.0, searchspy didn't work too well. saw the update, installed it - still the same. I have the "SearchSpy Menu" in the autostart folder. However I get no results when I search for something. Only after I started indexing. I really have to do the indexing everytime my PC restarts?
  7. I have experienced a problem: The changes in the current user settings are not saved. Currently I have nothing checked of the run at startup options. When I do and restart - it's still the same.
  8. Ahhhh Thanks, didn't know that one can set the widget only to appear on the HUD.
  9. Hi all, I could need some help again. I downloaded the Yahoo widget engine (formaly know as Konfabulator) and I would like to know if it's possible to make them fade in and out from desktop like the Mac OSX dashboard. Like when I hit F12 it fades in and hitting F12 again fades out. Or can that be done with another program? Thanks!
  10. I just have a small question: (Didn't PM you Chris cause I thought you might be busy as hell and get flooded with pms and mails anyway so maybe somebody else can help me as well) I think it's great that this version no shows the user icon on the Logon screen (the v2.0 didn't do that for me for whatever reason). Would it be possible to Autologon again? I usually start my PC and then go away let it boot (cause it takes a while until all the stuff is loaded). Would be cool if I could renable that. Once again thanks for that great product. Btw. May I start a little discussion? Do you guys th
  11. Thanks Chris!!! Downloading! Btw. The dock on your site behaves strange. I'm on firefox 1.5 and as soon as I move the mouse over it, it disappears. Just wanted to mention it.
  12. I don't wanna be impolite or something but reading might help Styler is payware - and I don't wanna pay for this function. I have most of the stuff set so I would need to pay the 17$ (or how much was it?) just for that... naah c'mon there must be another solution. Anybody?
  13. Okay, I searched the last 2 days through numerous threads to this topic, but I still haven't found a solution. How do I get new Icons (like when you drop or downlaod something on your desktop) to appear on the right side? I read that styler would do it - but I don't wanna pay for it. I downloaded Wintidy2 as mentioned in some threads - can someone maybe explain to me in how far that should do it? There is a function that sorts the icons that are currently (!) on the desktop but that would mean I have to resort them every time I download something (+ it always mixes the order I have in the i
  14. Hey guys, is there a way to make new icons appear on the right side of the desktop instead of the normal left side? I have Rainlendar and Samurize on the left and it's somehow annoying always to dig the new icons out from behind them. Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi there! First of all a huge thanks to you Chris! This is by far the best desktop theme I ever had. I haven't gone through the whole thread so forgive me if my questions have already been answered. 1.) I once had a windowsblinds (IIRC) theme that had the feature of minimizing windows on doubleclick on the titlebar. Will v3.0 have that feature as well? 2.) I added a program to color my folders -now I dunno if it's possible to hack that - but is it somehow possible to color individual files and will v3.0 support that? 3.) Would it be possible to give that search spy a fixed position in
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