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  1. This was related to Firefox 1.5. It would appear when you clicked on a link from an IM or an e-mail, and you already had FF open and it would load in a new tab. I'm using a modified SaFire theme. Here's a screen of what I changed it to.
  2. Sorry to bump this old thread, but this little watermark thing has been bugging me for some time. But I finally figured out where the image resides. It's in your theme .jar file, globaltoolbaritsfirefox.png Your theme .jar file is at c:documents and settingsyouapplication datamozillafirefoxprofileswhateverextensionsanother folder
  3. I could never get it to work so I just set up Mail with GMail instead. I get so much trash in Hotmail that I needed a "clean" e-mail account anyways.
  4. Hope these will help. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you the second half.. I could only upload 970k, but I have three more images for you. Mail Screens1.zip
  5. This is the real one, but yours is probably sufficient.
  6. I can provide those if you will PM me your e-mail address. I've already provided Ghostwalker with the new calendar, so mainly I'm referring to the other new ones (Ski report, People, Business, ESPN)
  7. You should include the icon for the Dock in your release. I could give that to you if you like.
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