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  1. I've posted my winamp skin here also: Smooth Alternative Light v1 Winamp Skin
  2. Hi, I made this skin to match Smooth Alternative by 6XGate. I used AgoNitE's Inspirat SE winamp skin as a base (yes, again cause I like that layout ) I've got permission from 6XGate and AgoNitE to release this skin. Smooth Alternative v1 When the Dark version is out i'm going to update my skin to match that skin also, so it's going to be a skin pack Goodluck with it.
  3. My first post WB: Smooth Alternative by 6xgate Wallpaper: Secret Window by Psychopulse Winamp: Smooth Alternative (Light) by Me (WIP) Icons on Desktop: Pure Icons in Dock: Mix TLB: ALU Metal By JosephYang Apps: Winamp, Samurize, Avedesk, ObjectDock Plus and TLB Smooth Alternative Desktop
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