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  1. I've looked in the jar file for you in before I posted it and it isn't there
  2. Are you sure the "rounded.css" file is in the theme you are using? Edit: It's not in the bister firefox theme I had a userChrome edit for it but I cant find it anymore ----- Does someone know the awnser to this?
  3. In the newest beta from FireFox there is no mouseover image from the VisualStyle, I hope I'm explaining this the right way How can I add that feature to FireFox 1.5? I mean I only want to see the mouseover Icon from the theme instead of a box surrounding it.
  4. I understand that part If I know which part I need to have, could I add that to my userchrome?
  5. deviantART Link Follow the link in his comment. It takes you to a page with stuff you'll need to add to you userchrome.ini to achieve the right look. Edit: Sorry, I didn't even read your post, I just thought you needed the FireFox theme The Windows theme he's using is Luna Element 5.
  6. It doesn't get smaller in the Flock theme. I could search in there but I wouldn't know what to search for I have another question; how can I remove the Go text from the Go button?
  7. The images for both left and right are the same hight but the right one is smaller then the left one. How can I make the right one bigger in height?
  8. Is it possbile to stop FireFox from making my inactive tabs small?
  9. Could you reupload this file to another place? It's isn't available on your site and on rapidshare it says that it's already been downloaded 3 times :confused:
  10. @Inplode: Add a to the beginning of your post
  11. I'd like to recommend that also, I'm using it very long now. It's a must have for FireFox users
  12. For the protocol icons make a transparent icon and use that. Dont know of any other way.
  13. I think that you should change the dot to the hole address from where the icon is, I dont know for sure though but it never hurts to try
  14. Welcome dav, iLeroy and vertigosity. iLeroy, I'm from The Netherlands to and I'm aslo 18 I know you from Neowin, vertigosity, and I've been following the thread on your development of the shellpatcher. I must say that I dont patch my system files but you did a terific job on the shellpatcher dav iLeroy and vertigosity, enjoy your stays here (I have never posted in this thread sinds I've signed up until today )
  15. Open it up in Resedit and change the font from there.
  16. Reluna Em3lent Click the image to see the info on deviantART
  17. PM me your email adres then I'll send it as soon as possible, I have it stored on my HD
  18. I didn't even know it was possible to add a titlebar text to a Miranda-IM skin. With that I can update my Miranda-IM skins, cause I just added the text to the back.png image
  19. In the MSF files you can change the way Miranda-IM sizes images for each image
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